Autumn Events In Amsterdam

Autumn Events In Amsterdam

In autumn, particularly in September, Amsterdam offers a vast range of activities that you may join. So, relax and get acquainted with the following list.


1) From 16 September 2016 till 7 May 2017, Amsterdam Museum hosts an exhibition “100 Years of Schiphol,” which commemorates the centenary of the largest airport in the Netherlands. So, if you are interested in the past and future of Amsterdam Airport, visit the exhibition bursting with fascinating facts and historic aircrafts.

2) If you want to feel the heart of the Netherlands, you may become a participant in such Amsterdam activities as visiting an exhibition of contemporary design, called Dream Out Loud. It takes place at the Stedelijk Museum twice a year and displays the works of 26 contemporary artists. The peculiarity of the exhibition is the special selection of the artists performed by Beatrix Ruf, director of the Stedelijk Museum. She organizes a competition for the enthusiastic designers, who apply different materials to express their view on the social issues. As a result, Ruf selects the most original and noteworthy works of art.

3) In case you do not know what to do in Amsterdam, you are welcome to visit the magnificent world of the Golden Age, particularly to get acquainted with one of the fascinating artists, Hercules Segers. From 7 October 2016 till 8 January 2017, his works are on display in the exhibition entitled “The Mystery of Hercules Segers” at the Rijksmuseum. You may be taken aback by Segers’ time and his contribution in the development of art. Not many people know that Rembrandt possessed at least eight paintings of Segers. Additionally, the Rijksmuseum displays the works not only from its collection, but also presents items from foreign cities such as London, Paris, Dresden, and Berlin.

4) Unseen Photo Fair belongs to one of the most renowned Amsterdam activities, which concentrates both on the unrevealed talented photographers and unseen works of the famous artists. The program of the fair embraces the collections of 54 galleries The fair, being so enormous, has turned into Unseen Photo Festival, which lasts ten days.

5) 24H Zuid is a tour around Amsterdam, which provides everyone with an opportunity to discover the city from different sides. During 24 hours, you will able to see the diversity of the shops, clubs, and other cultural destinations.

As far as you have noticed, Amsterdam is a stunning city that will not allow you to be down in the dumps.


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