Best Vacation Spots For College Students

Best Vacation Spots For College Students

Summer vacation is a great time to travel to other countries, especially after you have reconnected with the family and friends at home. While the best places to visit are usually expensive, there are plenty cheap vacation destinations to choose from. Many people prefer to spend their vacations at home, but traveling to other countries will be an attractive point to mention in your CV, this is the way to experience new things, and you may also make new friends. This post discusses the cheapest countries to visit a few less known but very affordable vacation spots overseas.

The cheapest countries to visit


This country has many museums and interesting places to see. You will enjoy discovering the indigenous culture and local architecture. You will find it mostly in La Paz. There, you may also want to visit the site of the home of Pedro Domingo Murillo, a martyr of Bolivian independence. Besides, there are nice and cheap places to stay with everything needed for a comfortable vacation. Bolivian food and drinks are beloved in all of South America.


Here, you will be fascinated by the sandy coasts surrounded by the blue sea, beautiful architecture, and historic sites. This is the country to discover ancient culture and history. Check out the Acropolis of Athens. Then, head for Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece and a place students and young people adore. Greece’s attractions are free to visit, while a trip to its islands requires some extra expenses.


Traveling to Vietnam, remember to visit Hanoi’s attractions such as Old Quarter and the Hoan Kiem Lake. Also, venture to the rural areas to see green rice terraces. Living in Vietnam would cost you as much as $20  per day.

Cheap travel and good things to do can also be found in: Thailand, Spain, Costa Rica, Romania, Sri Lanka, and Argentina. Besides, for , consider traveling by bus, backpacking, and staying in hostels or cheap hotels that cost up to $30. Some countries offer very cheap accommodation, food and drinks, and transportation as they want to improve their economies. But air travel will remain a major expense, so you may need to use low-cost airlines. For an ultimate summer vacation, choose a country that offers a perfect combination of unbelievable experiences and affordability.


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