Fighting Anxiety And Depression

Fighting Anxiety And Depression

All people get depressed from time to time, no one has insurance against depression, so we should be ready to fight this annoying state of mind and know some tricks how to get rid of it in a fast and easy way. Below are 15 tips how to fight depression. 


1. Be Mindful

Your depressed mind leads to the situations when your thoughts are usually mulled over the worries, possible negative outcomes of situations and build a negative effect on life. So, you are miserable and not even willing to wake up. To avoid this, try to be mindful and consider what is here and now without thinking of the nearest future. Engage your senses and feelings about what is happening now. This will distract you from negative thoughts about the future and help you concentrate.

2. Upbeat Music Only

Download a lot of happy and positive music onto your player. The positive vibrations will even subconsciously influence your moral state and make your mood better.

3. Touch

To make your stress lower, use various touch therapies, such as massage, reflexology, acupuncture, etc. It is proven that due to such therapies, cortisol, a hormone of stress, is lowered, while the hormone of happiness, oxytocin, is increased in a human body. 

4. Consume Omega 3

Another scientific fact is that fatty acids influence the depressed mind. If you consume enough of Omega 3, your state is likely to get better on a biological level.

5. No Negative Self-Talk

Control your inner talk and don’t allow yourself to think negatively about you and your life, don’t blame yourself, and don’t feel worthless. These are the chief tricks of depression to come over you, so don’t let them do this!

6. Be patient

Depression is something that you should acknowledge as a temporary state of mind. So, be aware that you might be in a bad mood, lose faith, and do not like yourself. Remind yourself that depression will not last forever and that it requires time to get over it.

7. Find a distraction

Try to occupy yourself with various activities just not to spend a lot of time thinking. Travel, do sports, read books, talk with people. Just be busy, and your depression will not get back.

8. Light is a Key

Less sunlight can lead to seasonal disorders. So, use more light at your home, workplace or dorm – at least buy a more powerful light bulb. 

9. Cognitive Therapy

This technique helps in conquering depression and becoming aware of what you are thinking at the moment and the reasons for this. It will help alter your way of thinking and control your thoughts.

10. Have a Diary

You can write down your worries and fears in a journal. Or you can write down a few things that made you happy during each day. Diary can be as an outlet for bad things that happen to you or as a trigger for positive ideas.

11. Hang out with Friends

One of the best health tips in the times of depression is to spend time with your friends. It can be the hardest one too since you are definitely not in the mood.

12. Sleep

You have to get enough sleep to feel OK during the day. If you sleep less than you need, you’ll be irritated and anxious. So, try to sleep at least 7-9 hours.

13. Learn to Forgive

Holding a grudge usually leads to negative thoughts and a bad mood, so try to let it go. Don’t carry that unnecessary emotional load of anger.

14. Workout

Regular sport will help you to overcome your depression. Physically, the endorphins are released during exercise, thus making your mood better.

15. Never Give Up

A desire to hide from everyone when you’re depressed is normal for this state of mind. do all possible to make your mood better, talk with people, go for long walks, do something productive so that you can see the results, and get better!


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