Highly Effective People

Highly Effective People

In college, you often wonder how to be a successful student. Do you have to be rich? Is success some sort of an inborn talent?  Or maybe you just have to quit sleeping for the next couple of years? None of these. In this post, we will discuss the habits of highly effective people. We all have different goals to achieve, but those who succeed do so because they have developed successful habits.

Make a plan and stick to it. When you have a good plan of your day, you will not get distracted by unimportant things and activities. A plan is like a check-list where every point brings you closer to the aim. If your end goal is to graduate from college, your plan will likely consist of school-related activities, such as attending classes and reading. You may find a role model and use his/her techniques. For example, Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of America, had a plan to do something good every day.

Avoid multi-tasking. Timothy Ferris, a famous author, investor, and entrepreneur, suggests that it is best to clearly define your goals and activities for a day. Focusing on one activity at a time will allow you to be diligent about what you do at any given moment. Yet, this may be difficult because of constant distractions of the modern technological era. Develop a detailed plan and try to achieve a few little things each day, and this will bring you closer to success.

Decide what is important for you. Your priorities will be about the things that matter most to you. One can easily get entangled in something that they do not really want to do. Knowing that you care about your family more than career will lead you to spending less time and effort on the goals that are unrelated to the family. As Steve Jobs said, “things don’t have to change the world to be important”.

A plan for every day, doing one thing at a time, and prioritizing are among the habits of highly effective people. Having successful habits will allow you to be effective and achieve your dreams.


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