How to Save Money in College

How to Save Money in College

Most students are fully committed to their education and find it difficult to save money and take on extra responsibilities such as a part-time job. Yet, there are countless opportunities to make money, benefit from savings, and reduce expenses. If more broke college students knew about this, they would have less debt after graduation. 


Ways to save money

Shop online at discounted rates by joining This resource lets you save money by shopping at your favorite stores. And, students pay less for things like sports club membership and car-sharing at Zipcar. Avoid textbook expenses by purchasing used textbooks online. Or, rent the textbooks. Textbooks are a major expense and a big reason for some students’ going broke. On, you can compare the prices of new textbooks with textbook rentals and used books. Get a reward card for shopping at local grocery stores and supermarkets like Kroger and Walmart. The rewards will accumulate over time, resulting in huge savings.


Ways to make money

Join – millions of students and recent grads find jobs here. The website lists summer jobs too as well as tips on getting a job.

Become a brand ambassador college rep. It is a great way to make money without leaving the campus. Besides, this experience can go on your resume, making it easier to find your next job.

Connect with the companies that give money to college students who would like to test new products. Download Go Commando app and provide your feedback. Plus, you can enjoy the apps that you test.

There is no need to despair if you are one of broke college students. These simple ways to save money are not time-consuming and are available to all. Besides, you can earn income without leaving the campus.


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