How To Write A 500-Word Essay

How To Write A 500-Word Essay

Writing a 500-word essay is a widespread assignment for students the aim of which is to depict a certain object, event, or phenomenon in details. Although students often exaggerate the complexity of this kind of task, composing 500-word articles is not as black as one is painted if to adopt some effective strategies. For writing a 500-word essay, it is essential to choose not a broad topic in order not to exceed the word limit. Additionally, adhere to the topic and pay attention to the recommended word count.

How Long Is a 500-Word Essay

A 500 words essay is comprised of three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Each of these three parts performs its own specific function. Many students are puzzled with the task of writing a 500 words essay. They wonder ‘how long is 500 words?’, ‘how to write a 500-word essay successfully?’, ‘how many pages is a 500-word essay?’, etc. As a rule, 500 words is approximately 1 page if to apply Times New Roman twelve font. Another widespread question is ‘how many paragraphs is 500 words?’ The answer is simple: the number of paragraphs is usually no more than 5 short paragraphs due to the word limit. Here is the structure of a 500-word essay:


This is the first part of any paper that is traditionally up to 100 words in length. In fact, this part gives an insight into the author's arguments. The introduction must be eye-catching and attractive to give the readership an incentive to read the whole work. This can be attained by presenting an interesting aspect of the paper. An integral part of an introductory part is a thesis statement in which the author informs the readers of what the essay argues.


Being the main part of an essay, it is traditionally the longest part the aim of which is to back up a thesis statement. In a short essay, the number of words should not exceed three hundred. In the main part, you must assure the relevance of the arguments to the topic. Also, in this section you support your arguments. Mind that your content must be based on solid facts rather than on your personal opinion. You can provide this by mentioning references and citing them correctly. As for the presentation of information, it is up to the author to decide which points to present first: the weaker or the stronger ones. However, it is advisable to begin with the weaker points and conclude with the strongest, as it gives a punch line effect.


The purpose of the conclusion is to affirm the author's standpoint. For a short essay, the number of words should not exceed 100 words identically to the introduction. A top-notch conclusion must reassure readers of the significance and relevance of everything that was said in the paper. You can start it by restating the thesis statement but perhaps more powerfully. Then, mention a few powerful supporting points.

For the better understanding of the nature of a 500-word essay, you can find a 500-word essay example on the Internet.

Handy Tips and Guidelines:

  • Because a 500-word article cannot cover an extensive topic, make sure that your topic is not overly broad.  
  • It is imperative to present your ideas in brief and clear sentences. 
  • As plagiarism is frowned upon in any academic papers, make sure your work is free from plagiarism. 
  • Do not forget to proofread your essay, as it is a brilliant way of weeding out plagiarized sections. 
  • When revising your work, pay particular attention to the grammar and spelling.
  • Make sure your essay has coherence and a logical structure. 
  • Having finished the revision, you can ask somebody to assess your work. To ensure that you fulfilled all the requirements, ask your lecturer to revise your paper.

500-Word Essay Style and Plagiarism

As a rule, the style of writing differs from person to person. Still, there are some common guidelines you must follow when writing a 500-word article. Firstly, mull over the purpose of your paper and adjust its content to your target audience. Secondly, pay attention to the style of your essay. According to a 500-word essay format, it must not be neither too formal nor informal. A too formal style may not appeal to every reader and the abundance of informality may result in losing credibility of your paper. Thus, strike a happy medium and write in a relaxing but at the same time sophisticated language. Do not also forget to balance your point of view with the facts from reliable sources.

As for plagiarism, you must always mention any information you derive from both primary and secondary sources. Above all, cite your sources within your paper and provide a full reference list to rule out any possibility of plagiarism. Finally, revise your essay after having made a final draft and make sure that grammatical and syntactic rules are obeyed.

Accordingly, always follow the presented above tips when writing a 500-word essay and you will certainly obtain excellent grades. Remember that practice makes perfect. The more papers you write, the more successful papers you will produce.

How Long is a 500-Word Essay Process of Writing

Naturally, all students are interested in the amount of time that the process of writing will take. And this is explainable because time is money. Still, it is not money that rekindles people's desire to write quickly. Longing for efficiency is typical of humans. Besides, spending too much time on writing will protract your project. Consequently, you will dampen your desire and enthusiasm.

Surely, you cannot write top-notch health articles in half an hour (in fact, you can and everybody practices this which results in so many misinformation and misunderstandings on the Internet). Haste makes waste. In practice, it means that if you rash, you risk making lots of factual errors let alone grammatical mistakes. 

On the other hand, you should not write your papers for days. Accordingly, how much time must the process of writing take? There is no fixed answer to this question because everybody works differently. Moreover, people do not possess equal skills, attributes and aptitudes. Thus, there is no point in comparing your speed of writing to someone else's. 

In case you are concerned about your superb essay writing speed, there are some widespread themes and approaches to consider.

Post-Writing Tips

Ask somebody to proofread your paper

Certainly, it is hard to judge your own work. It may seem perfect to you, but still your instructor may find some errors. Thus, ask somebody to revise your essay and assess it. If anybody finds some misconceptions or mistakes, correct them if you consider it necessary.

Ensure lucidity

Surely, you do not want to bewilder readers, do you? To avoid misunderstandings, make sure your paper has transitions between paragraphs. If your essay contains some complex terms, you must explain them to your audience, as well.


If you have referenced reliable sources, it is imperative to cite them according to the fixed rules. This will undoubtedly make your paper more credible. 

In summary, you should understand that writing a 500-word essay is actually a plain sailing if you follow the presented above tips and guidelines. In short, all you need for writing a 500-word essay successfully is to pay attention to your word count, pick not such a wide topic, derive information from trustworthy sources and proofread your essay. Accordingly, you are certain to get an excellent grade and a good feedback from your instructor.



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