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How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Want to Know How to Write a Problem Solution Essay? Follow Our Suggestions!

If you are reading this article, then you are probably looking for an answer to the “how to write a problem solution essay” question. Although a problem solution essay is not the most challenging task in the academic curriculum of the student, yet it requires a high level of preparation, as well as advanced writing proficiency. A lot of students may get stuck on the stage of choosing a topic for this essay. If you are lacking sufficient writing experience and do not know how to write a good-looking problem solution essay, you should just keep reading our guide and we will provide you with a great number of interesting insights and secrets that will help you not only write a worthy paper but also enjoy the writing process. With our handy practices and suggestions, you will be able to create a paper that will please the most demanding tutor.


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What Is a Problem Solution Essay?

So, what is a problem solution essay? Just as its name suggests, a problem solution essay aims to identify a problem and suggest one or a few solutions for addressing this problem. Writing such an essay can enable the student to strengthen their analytical and decision-making skills, which may help the individual succeed in the career chosen. Therefore, a problem solution essay is a common task in many educational institutions. Regardless of the course you take, you may be asked to write a problem solution essay in which you will demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and competencies by choosing the best scenario for solving a particular problem.

To write a good problem solution essay, you will need to do the following:

  1. Identify a problem you will work with. This problem should be relevant, important, and unsolved. To figure out what problems require thorough investigation, you will need to study some credible and relevant sources collecting appropriate data;
  2. Brainstorm your ideas. Once the problem is chosen and you have all sufficient information about it, you will need to brainstorm your ideas and write down all possible solutions to this problem. Do not be afraid if some of your solutions seem awkward or weird as you will be able to modify them later;
  3. Choose the most appropriate solution. Next, you will need to evaluate all solutions identified and choose the one that seems the most efficient, feasible, and valuable;
  4. Apply your solution. In the final section of your essay, you will need to present a scenario in which the solution you have chosen will address the problem.
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Common Types of Problem Solving Skills

You should understand that solving different problems requires having different types of problem solving skills. All these skills may be divided into two groups: analytical and creative.

  • Analytical skills assume logical thinking abilities. Having advanced analytical skills, a student has a special kind of thinking that is responsible for finding the best solution out of several possible options. When you have analytical skills, you are able to compare, evaluate, interpret, select, etc.;
  • Creative skills can be characterized as a thinking process that allows the writer to create a brand new solution that will be valuable and efficient. Creative thinking enables the individual to go beyond the obvious, use imagination and cognition, and do many other things that will help the individual find the appropriate solution to a problem. Very often, the first ideas may seem illogical at first. However, you should not be afraid of it as all the subsequent ideas will modify these ideas into efficient solutions to the problem. In fact, creative thinking allows the writer to come up with the most uncommon ideas.

Problem Solution Essay Structure

To succeed with writing your essay, you will need to follow the traditional problem solution essay structure. In addition to this structure, you will need to include an introduction, the main body part, and a conclusion to your paper. Now, let discuss all these parts in detail.


The introductory part of your problem solution essay should provide a clear description of the problem, as well as present some background information that will help your intended audience understand this problem. In particular, you need to focus on the extent of the issue, its effect, as well as potential consequences that are still unsolved. In other words, your primary goal is to help your reader understand that the problem you work with is important.

A well-written introduction paragraph should spark the reader’s interest from the very first lines. To engage your reader, you will need to include some of the hooks mentioned below:

  • An appropriate joke. Although a problem solution essay is a formal paper, an appropriate joke may help you create the right atmosphere;
  • A shocking statistic. For example, if you are writing your essay on the problem of poverty in the United States, you may write “14.000.000 US children go to bed hungry.”
  • A quote of the acknowledged individual. When including a quote, you need to make sure it matches the topic of your paper.

Now, when you have caught the reader’s attention, you will need to familiarize them with the central idea of your essay. Typically, your thesis statement is just one sentence that clearly states what problem you are going to solve in your essay and how you are planning to do it.

Main Body

The first paragraph of your main body should describe the problem in detail. This is where you need to present the results of your research in a clear way. When researching your topic, make sure to choose the most relevant, credible, and peer-reviewed academic sources.

Next, you will need to inform your reader about the alternative solutions that could have been used for addressing the problem.

Finally, you will need to present the most feasible and realistic solution explaining why do you consider it the most appropriate.


The concluding part of your paper should not provide your reader with new information but it should include a call to action. Besides, you will need to explain what are the potential consequences of your solution can be.

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How to Write a Problem Solution Essay Outline?

To write your essay in a logical order, you will need to write a problem solution essay outline that will help you include all points and ideas that will be included in your essay. When writing a problem solution essay outline, you will need to use either a Block method or a Chain one.

When using a Block method, you will need to write it as follows:

1. Introduction with a thesis statement;

2. Problems 1, 2, 3;

3. Transition paragraphs;

4. Solutions 1, 2, 3.

5. Conclusion.

When writing your outline using a Chain method, you will need to write it as follows:

1. Introduction;

2. Problem 1 + solution;

3. Problem 2 + solution;

4. Problem 3 + solution;

5. Conclusion.

We strongly recommend you not to underestimate the importance of an outline as it will significantly economize your time spent on the writing process.

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A Few Words About Problem Solution Essay Format

We would like to inform you that there are no specific guidelines to the problem solution essay format. You will need to format your essay following the formatting style indicated in your prompt. Your professor may ask you to follow APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, IEEE, or any other formatting style. If your tutor did not provide you with a specific formatting style, you are free to use any of them. However, we highly recommend you to check with your professor if they do not have any preferences regarding the formatting of your paper. After all, proper formatting of your essay is an important point of your grading rubric.

Effective Problem Solution Essay Writing Tips

Now, let us provide you with some problem solution essay writing tips that will help you turn your essay into a great masterpiece.

First and foremost, when writing your problem solution essay, you will need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Tone. To help your reader understand that the solution you proposed is efficient and feasible, you will need to use a convincing, reasonable, logical, and appealing tone.

Point of view. You should always remember that your reader may have a different point of view. Thus, you will need to try to predict the questions of your intended audience and answer them in your essay.

Audience. You should know who your target audience is. When working on your problem solution essay, you should clearly understand who will be reading it as this information will help you build your arguments and formulate your evidence in the most appropriate way.

Now, let us discuss the writing process in detail.

  1. Start your preparation early and take your assignment seriously. If you think that a problem solution essay can be written in just a couple of hours, you are not right. Even the skilled writer may need a few days to write everything properly. If you do not have sufficient experience in creating worthy problem solution essays, you will need to start working on this assignment right away to have enough time to learn all the peculiarities of this essay well;
  2. Avoid any distractors. To write a great problem solution essay, you will need to focus all of your attention on this task as it will allow you to pay attention to all significant details;
  3. Read well-written samples. Sometimes, it is better to have a look at one sample instead of reading numerous theoretical suggestions. On the web, you will find a lot of essays written on diverse good problem solution essay topics that will become your source of inspiration. However, even if you find an essay matching your topic, you should not submit it as your creative work as it will result in getting a failing outcome. Your professor will check your paper for plagiarism and if they notice a high plagiarism index, you will not be able to get a good grade for your order;
  4. Study your topic thoroughly. Before you start working on your problem solution essay, you will need to carry out an in-depth investigation of your topic that will help you figure out the achievements of other scholars within the scope of your problem solution topic;
  5. Only when you are done with all the preparations, you will need to start working. When writing your essay, you need to convince your audience that the issue you are working with is truly important. In other words, you will need to make your intended audience care. Then, you will need to present the results of your research that will help you convince your reader that your words have credibility. If you use some direct citations that prove your arguments, do not hesitate to format them in accordance with the appropriate style. When writing your essay, you will need to use smooth transitions to make your arguments easy to follow. Do not hesitate to make your solution clear and understandable. You will not be able to achieve the anticipated outcome if your reader fails to understand what solution you suggest;
  6. Finally, you need to proofread your paper. Although many students consider this stage meaningless and boring, we assure you that revision will give you a chance to look at your paper once again and understand what can be improved. If successful academic performance is your goal, you need to use different means to submit brilliant papers.

All in all, we would like to assure you that writing a problem solution essay is not as difficult as it may seem. By following our handy suggestions, you will be able to create a paper that will bring you the anticipated outcome. To summarize, we highly recommend you take your problem solution essay assignment very seriously as it is one more step towards your academic success.

Good luck with your problem solution essay writing!


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