Movies To Watch With Mom

Movies To Watch With Mom

Mothers and daughters movie joint watching makes their relations closer and friendlier.


The Joy Luck Club

It is a good movie for a better understanding between the mother and the daughter.


If you need to reconnect your relations, you should see this movie.


When the mother and the daughter would like to roar a little, they can see it.


As any woman, the daughter and the mother sometimes have to cry well. This movie will help you.

Akeela and the Bee

If your daughter becomes older and tells you about something she cannot do at first time, see this picture.


Are you ready to admit that a mother can be wrong? See this movie.

Little Women

This picture will help your daughter to understand that classic American literature can be interesting as well.

Mommie Dearest

Have you found a wire hanger in the closet? You are ready to watch it.


Do you have an idea to scare your daughter straight? See this film together.

Bend It Like Beckham

Both mother and daughter should see this movie if the girl needs your help taking a leap.

Mamma Mia

The musical helps you relax and enjoy your life.


Both females can laugh and chill.

Rosemary’s Baby

Such a movie includes many terrible issues and encourages you to make a dialogue.

Girl in Progress

Every choice must be explained.


Broken heart and love stories are a good reason for a common discussion.

Now and Then

Female friendships are real, and your daughter can find the needed friend in your person.

Real Women Have Curves

This film can direct the girl to look for her own way.

Pretty In Pink

The first crush of a teenager – it is a good issue for a common discussion.


The story about a mean girl is interesting for both mother and daughter.

Freaky Friday

Ice cream, popcorn and an interesting movie are good ideas for the mother and the daughter.

Soul Food

This show makes you think about your family importance.

Terms of Endearment

The mother and the daughter can appreciate each other.

Fried Green Tomatoes

A murder mystery and an interesting plot will help her girl to get out of a rut.

This Is My Life

Comedy about puberty and relationship with her mother.

The Sounds of Music

You will feel good after watching this movie.

Sister Act

If all feels lost, you can discuss this with the daughter.

Steel Magnolias

The old-fashioned girl is not bad, and this movie shows all advantages of it.


Friends or shopping are not as interesting as reading. This movie can convince your daughter.

Dirty Dancing

Love, sexuality and growing up. Maybe, it is time to talk about birth control.

Troop Beverly Hills

Your friendship will raise, and the girl will know more about your 80s youth.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Does your daughter want to get a driver license? Time to see this movie.

Hence, this picture list has to help the mother and her daughter to become closer and have better relationships. Excellent mother daughter day ideas only for you!


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