On-Campus Jobs For Students

On-Campus Jobs For Students

Good Jobs for College Students

On-campus professions are good jobs for college students. First of all, these jobs save your money and time on commuting to the office. Second, you can balance homework and studying.

Mail Room Attendant

Many students get packages and letters from their friends and relatives, so mostly all college dormitories have their mailrooms. Mail room attendant is on the list of good jobs for college students because  it allows you to make money, and  you have an additional opportunity to meet new people.


In the process of student job search, you will most likely be offered a barista job. It is a good practice if you want to try other café and restaurant jobs in the future. Moreover, it is a golden opportunity to save money on your favorite latte.

Library Attendant

If you like working in silence, it is a job for you.

Teaching Assistant

There will definitely be a class (or a few) you will like the most and will be particularly successful at. If you get on well with the professor(s), consider becoming a teaching assistant. You can make money working as a teaching assistant while you are still in the process of a student job search.

Administrative Assistant

A college campus needs a person who will make phone calls, file papers, answer the emails, and do other office work.

Research Assistant

History, psychology, English, sociology and any other discipline all need background research, and you can find a job doing such work.

Campus Ambassador

Many famous companies, like Google, Red Bull, Nike, and others hire students to spread the information about their product on campus.

Fitness Class Instructor

If you are a certified instructor or just have some skills in yoga, Pilates, boxing, kickboxing and cycling, you can lead fitness classes and have on-campus jobs.

Peer Tutor

If you are well-educated in some subjects, you can apply for a formal tutoring. Moreover, you can create your own website or Facebook page to advertise your services.

Resident Assistant

Free housing is an extra bonus of this job and a pre-application will help you to fill this vacancy.

Social Media Assistant

Colleges try to keep up with the latest social media trends, and your social media knowledge and skills can help you to get a job in the marketing departments of your college.


Indoor swimming or diving pool of your campus often needs a lifeguard. If you are a good swimmer, you can both make money and continue improving your skills.

Student Production Assistant

Different events your college organizes need technical support,  like sound and lighting. Maybe, you can do this job.

Campus Tour Guide

Campus tour guide is a fascinating and interesting job for a person who knows every corner of the campus well.

Event Caterer

There is a catering company in any college and university. This is a good reason to search for opportunities of becoming a member of the event-management team and participate in the preparation of graduation ceremonies, networking nights, alumni events, and others.

Of course, each of these tips for college students will give you an opportunity to make additional money; however, it is also a good reason to meet interesting people who may be helpful in future.


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