Pros And Cons Of Living At Home During College

Pros And Cons Of Living At Home During College

You know how in movies they usually portrait a person who faces difficult decisions with a little devil and an angel sitting on each of his/her shoulders and trying to make him/her take one of the sides. It`s exactly what I was going through when choosing whether to live at home or on campus, except that, unlike the mentioned opposition of good and evil, my options were rather ambiguous. It`s impossible to make a choice without analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages. So, let`s not waste time!


Money. College is going to flatten your wallet considerably, or, to be fair, your parents` wallet. Not to let that happen, you might want to consider living with your parents instead of asking them to pay your rent. Sure, you`ll need to spend some money on commuting, superb essay writing but that is certainly less than you would have to spend in a dorm or an apartment. 

Social life. To make acquaintances, you must look for student housing on campus. Even the most reserved and shyest people are bound to make friends when engaged in team-building activities, group projects, and informal dorms` get-togethers. On the contrary, commuting students may find it more difficult to fit in.

Maturity. In some cases, those who prefer to live with their parents during college are frowned upon. People believe that such students want to put off an adult life. While it may be true, it`s not necessarily a bad idea. College is rather challenging; that is why staying at home can eliminate the stress level and make the whole experience less frustrating. However, one must bear in mind that, at some point in the future, he/she will have to leave.

There`s no right answer to the question whether to live at home or on campus. Either way, there are benefits that can make the student life easier and pitfalls that can jeopardize it. Most importantly, one needs to decide what he/she expects from the student life and choose an option that will meet those expectations. Moreover, it is significant to discuss the current financial condition of the family with one`s parents and choose accordingly. If you are too indecisive, try living with your parents for a year. After all, you can always change your decision and try something else.


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