Relationship Between Teacher And Student

Relationship Between Teacher And Student

The end of the semester and internship applications are coming. Each student starts to look for internship connections. However, such ones can be made in your classroom. Healthy relationships with your professor will help you to have the needed vacancy, but you should leave an impression on him/her. It results in three valuable takeaways.


Since your professor knows many people who are looking for interns, your healthy relationships can bring you only positive results. You, being a good student, can come to him/her to discuss your internship. However, if you had low grades or visited the lessons rather seldom, your professor will not help you and will not talk about your request.

Of course, each of us had many different references from our kindergarten, high school, and so on. It had satisfactory results when you were a first-year college student with minimum wage positions. However, at this time, you need a recommendation letter, as well as an educational or professional reference. Consider a trusted and reliable teacher is the best choice for any of those alternatives.

Your professor is an excellent specialist in the given field. He/she knows much enough about your skills and post-graduation opportunities. You can get inside information from the person who focuses on the needed area and who has lived it. If some students do not know what they will dot after graduation, a teacher can direct them to the right way in their career choosing.

Thus, building relationships between you and your professor is rather important in a future career. However, you should put a lot of effort into their building and be ready to do your best in your classroom. Speak up in class, express all your concerns and questions, and try to show yourself only from a positive side. Building relationships with a professor are well worth the effort and sleep deprivation.


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