Six Awesome Things To Do In Philly

Six Awesome Things To Do In Philly

Philadelphia is a great place for a weekend vacation. In addition to some popular historical sights, such as the Liberty Bell and Franklin Square, the city has some picture-ready places. In this post I am sharing top things to do and places to go on a visit in Philly.

What to Do in Philly

Visit Old Town for a Self-Guided Tour of the Mural Mile

Among numerous Philly attractions, street art occupies a special place. While walking the streets of the city, one can see murals on the sides of the buildings. A self-guided tour of the Mural Mile will let you see some quality artwork on the themes of peace, nature, and life in the city.

Walk Through a Garden Maze at the Magic Gardens 

The Magic Gardens is one of the places to go in Philly. It is a creative venue where you can see funky mosaics and walk through a maze. A $7 entry ticket will let you enjoy the indoor and outdoor installations that are made of all sorts of materials – folk statues, colorful glass bottles, and mirrors. 

Visit galleries and stop by art shops on South Street

The mosaics in the Magic Garden extend well into the neighborhood (you can find the map of the mosaics on the Magic Garden’s website). Browse the street art in the area and visit some galleries and art shops as well.

Philly Attractions

Philadelphia Museum of Art and Rocky Steps 

Known as the Art Museum Steps, the Rocky Steps are 70 stone steps leading to the Museum’s entrance. There is a tradition of running up the Steps like Rocky did in a movie scene. From the top of the Steps, one can admire the scenic view of Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Reading Terminal Market 

This indoor farmers market can be super crowded, but only because it is so popular. The market boasts numerous stalls, and here you will find diverse foods and area specialties.

30th Street Station 

This railroad station cannot be missed if you want a perfect city photo. I suggest visiting the place around the sunset time to catch some spectacular views of the city from behind the station. When looking for places to go in Philly, consider visiting not only famous historical places, but also its artistic sights such as street murals. The attractions of Philly cannot be missed, especially if you want to take photos of the city’s scenic sights.


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