Superhero TV Shows

Superhero TV Shows

Our List of Superhero TV Series

As TV industry is flourishing, there are lots of TV shows and drama series, and you might feel bewildered about what to watch. Consider our list of superhero TV series that feature both the iconic superheroes and the most evil characters. Some come from the DC Universe and some from Marvel Universe.


This adventure series is based on a superhero journeys from Green Arrow DC Comics. It tells the story of Oliver Queen, a billionaire who was claimed to be missing and even declared dead. However, he managed to survive the ship wrack and return to his native city. He becomes a hero armed with a bow and an arrow as he battles crime, just in line with the superhero TV shows forecast.


This drama series tells the story of people who are survivors of a plane crash. They live on an island with palm trees and water, but there is also a dangerous facility there. The series was filmed in Hawaii and has the island’s beautiful scenes. The plot of the show is very enticing, and each series leaves you wanting to find out what happens next.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The agent Phil Coulson has a special team that fights crime following some events in The Avengers. It features new characters like Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. The new team collaborates in research and operations and fights back the enemies.

The Flash

As a child, Barry Allen happened to be a witness of his mother’s murder. His father was unjustly accused of committing the crime. Allen becomes a forensic scientist and tries to uncover the truth about the murder of the mother. This leads him to meet Harrison Wells. After an explosion, Allen falls into a coma that lasts as long as 9 months, and since then he cannot move at superhuman speed any more.

These superhero TV shows are liked by the current generation. Let’s find out what is on TV next to watch.


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