Things To Do In The Fall

Things To Do In The Fall

Chinese sages believe that human bodies are the little worlds that consist of energy and they have close relationships with the environment. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) states that our organisms include energies of the five elements ‒ wood, metal, water, earth, and fire. Each part of the body is related to some of these substances impacting our well-being.  Moreover, four seasons correspond to different elements, and we should consider their influence on our body. Following special tips will help you feel well.

So, what happens in autumn?

Autumn is characterized by short days and gloomy sky making our mood depressive. During this season, people become more vulnerable to different respiratory infections. However, we can take some actions for reducing the influence of autumn and diminishing the negative impact.

Autumn Eating

The seasonal foods help to prevent depression, colds, and colon issues. The earth “knows” what we should eat during autumn changes, and it gives people the food to get the energy for their well-being. In autumn, we have to gradually stop consuming cooling, raw products, like salads, popsicles, and smoothies and get used to warming soups. Also, slow-cooked dishes with pickled vegetables, bean soups, and miso soup are the great meal choices.

The metal element is the most powerful in autumn, and such food as white meat and pork that include this element should be your preferences. Sour in flavor food is useful as well.

Emotional Cleansing

Autumn relates to sorrow, but we should release our emotions and stay optimistic. Whenever you are down, try to breathe deeply, meet your friends, and your mood will lift.


Like leaves on the trees, our skin and hair become dry. To avoid this,  consume more foods to increase moisture level. They can be tempeh, spinach, tofu, millet, oysters, mussels, herring, barley and others. However, aromatic and too bitter food can have a negative impact.


Eating enough fiber and exercising are good autumn ideas. At the same time, consuming processed food, overeating, and smoking only worsen your health. And remember to dress appropriately to avoid flue and colds.

All things considered, autumn might be a depressive season with high chances to catch the flu, but proper nutrition, sports activities, and other measures will help you stay healthy and positive. Take care!


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