Things To Do This Summer

Things To Do This Summer

Plans for Your Summer Holidays

If you have no plans for your summer holidays, then you may be looking for some new activities to do. After you have taken care of your internship and summer job, it’s high time to do something fun that will let you rejuvenate and prepare for the school year.

So, here’s our list of fun things to do:

1) Have a picnic at sunset. Sunset is a good time for a picnic. Preparing for a picnic does not take much effort. Simply prepare a picnic basket and head for the picnic around sunset time. If you like to feel comfortable in the company of closest friends, eat something tasty, and sing songs to the guitar, this activity is definitely one of the most fun things to do.

2) Climb a mountain. Pick a smaller mountain if this is your first-time climbing on your summer vacation. Climbing is good for your heart as well, but it can be a strenuous activity. Reflect on the beauty you see from the mountain and say a prayer thanking for all the good things ­ being on a mountain is a spiritual moment. You may realize that your worldly cares are not so big in comparison to the goodness of creation. Besides, it is surely one of the best free summer activities.

3) Visit open-air markets. Farmer markets offer fresh flowers, local delicacies, and seasonal fruit. Buy something special, like a bunch of sunflowers.

4) Camp out and stargaze. Have a Sky Guide handy so you can recognize some constellations. You will probably also need a tent, a sleeping back, and a flash. Bring your favorite music and a book or camp with a friend.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to do something relaxing and fun. Hiking, climbing mountains, camping out, stargazing, and visiting open-air markets are some of the most popular free summer activities. Let us know if you enjoyed doing these activities.


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