Travel Jobs

Travel Jobs


Travel jobs are popular but may have downsides such as low pay and the necessity always to be on the move. Yet, any job away from home requires a positive attitude. If you have the drive to get such a job and can invest some time in learning new skills, then you can do it. In this post, you will find ideas for travel job hunting.

ESL teacher. You can teach English if this is your first language or if you are a fluent speaker. At the moment, most ESL jobs are found in Asian countries, such as Korea and China. European and Latin American countries also need English language teachers, but these jobs are more competitive. Start by searching for jobs and looking up the requirements. You are best prepared to teach after getting a certificate but having a degree is also an advantage.

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Freelance writer or photographer. Most writers who travel earn money with their travel blogs. But one can also write for magazines and other blogs. Photography and film-making are good skills to have too. You can submit your photos to resellers, such as internet-based stock photos, or become an independent photographer. Start by improving your skills in creative writing or photography by gaining a degree or taking an online course.

Tour guide. If you like some place and want to show it to others, you can become a tour guide. Learn about the place where you want to guide others. You may specialize in local cuisine, beautiful streets, and historical buildings. Being enthusiastic about the place will help you find new clients. And, of course, you need to speak good English.

If you are job hunting, consider applying for jobs that require travel. Travel jobs are popular because they give a chance to live in a new destination, meet local people, and discover interesting places. Since English is spoken in many places of the world, you can choose to work almost in any country you like.


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