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World History Essay Topics

History Essay Topics

Some students are fond of world history, while others see nothing but a combination of dates, similar events, and achievements made by people who died long ago. What do these students have in common? They all have to write world history essay topics and all of them want to receive good grades.

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All teachers love essays, and history teachers are no exception. Sometimes the assignment to create an essay might come with the essay topic, and sometimes teachers leave the choice up to students. Whether you are a history fan or not, selecting a topic on your own can become a challenge. Have you run out original ideas for your essays? Do not worry; you are exactly where you have to be. With this list of 66 topics, you will definitely find something you will be eager to explore.

A List of Interesting World History Essay Topics

Revolutions and Wars

  1. The differences and similarities between Industrial revolutions in England and the US.
  2. How did Industrial revolution influence different European countries?
  3. French revolution and its consequences.
  4. The precursors of the American Revolution.
  5. What caused the War of 1812?
  6. Post-war Vietnam on the political map of the world.
  7. The 1950’s: how did the world recover from World War II?
  8. The role of the battle of Hastings.
  9. How could some countries prevented World War I?
  10. Share your own view on World War II.
  11. Roman vs. British empires: is history cyclical?
  12. The end of British rule over India
  13. The activities of anti-fascist activist in America before World War II.
  14. Describe the worst war in the world history: what caused it and how can a similar scenario be prevented in future.
  15. American foreign policy in late 21st century.
  16. What can we learn from the soldiers’ letters written during World War I?
  17. The contribution of African American soldiers during two world wars.
  18. The economic crisis in Europe after World War II.
  19. Can the US decision to bomb Japan be justified?
  20. Who should be punished for nuclear wars?
  21. The motivation of Americans to involve in Korean War.
  22. The role of American soldiers in Nigeria.
  23. The causes of Iraq-Iran war.
  24. What is ‘The Great Disappointment’ and what caused it?
  25. The implications of the Yalta Conference.

From Prehistoric Times to Renaissance

  1. Social stratification in medieval times: knights, feudalism, and kings.
  2. The rise of Renaissance and its influence on Humanism.
  3. The fall of Roman Empire.
  4. Why do great empires fail?
  5. The origins of modern medicine. Describe the contribution of Greek doctors.
  6. How do the gender roles nowadays differ from those in the ancient Rome?


  1. Civil Rights Movement: background, key figures, outcomes.
  2. Abolition of slavery: the USA vs. Europe.
  3. The economic motives behind British colonization of the African continent.
  4. The causes of slavery.

People Who Changed the Course of History

  1. Martin Luther’s King contribution to Civil Rights Movement.
  2. The ideas of Karl Marx and their influence of contemporary society.
  3. How did George Washington shape the results of American Revolution?
  4. The role models during American Revolution.

Culture: Music, Fashion, Cinematography

  1. Economic causes of changes in fashion in the late 20th century.
  2. The history of Canadian cinematography.
  3. American art of the 21st century and its influence on the world.
  4. Architecture during 12th century Renaissance.
  5. The role of paintings before the invention of photography.
  6. Describe the music of ancient civilizations.
  7. Film propaganda origins.
  8. Find and analyze an example of music created for political purposes.
  9. How did New Wave cinema evolve?
  10. The peculiarities of New Wave music genre.
  11. The culture of hippies: the impact on fashion, economy, and politics.
  12. How did hippies revolutionize fashion in the 60s?
  13. The history of rock music: from Elvis Presley to modern-day rock.
  14. How did British music invade American market?
  15. Trace the origins of modern graffiti.
  16. Discuss an example of historic events that had been predicted in fiction.


  1. Modern sport vs. sport in the Roman Empire
  2. The history of basketball.
  3. The role of sports in civilization development.
  4. The history of sports in Canada
  5. The relationship between sports and economics: from ancient Greece till nowadays.
  6. Describe the history of your favorite sports game.

Bonus Topics

  1. The historic events that resulted in the rise of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Discrimination against indigenous people on the example of the Maori.
  3. When did public communication begin to matter?
  4. The most popular cases of the golden age of piracy.
  5. What is space race? Discuss its benefits and dangers.

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