Debate Mitt Romney vs Obama

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

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Presidential Debate: Romney vs. Obama

There are several debates in which the two presidential aspirants have been questioned on how they would address economic matters which are depressing the nation. A raging political battle between Governor Romney and President Barrack Obama has led to interviews which are geared towards generating answers to solve the current economic crisis in the world. According to Aikens’ article, the economic crisis can be solved through government intervention and control of the market to ensure that there is stability in a nation which is capitalistic (Aikins, 2009). This paper explores the responses of the two presidential aspirants on issues related to Aikens’ article and their similarity.

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Both Romney and Barrack Obama are in support of government intervention to help rebuild the economic stability of the country. According to Romney, creating more job opportunities would benefit the entire nation. He says that he would provide more job opportunities to numerous college graduates and also create check systems in the loans that they are provided with in order to finish their tuition fees. This will make them give back to the society once they get decent jobs through the efforts of the government. Barrack Obama also has the same view. This confirms the arguments written in the Aikens’ report about government’s effort to solve the current global economic crisis (, 2012).

President Barrack Obama suggests that the U.S. can increase its stability through controlling the country’s energy. He also suggests that the country needs to invest in solar and wind efficient cars to support energy conservation. He emphasizes on the need of creating an elaborate education system in which everyone is entitled to the best education and is able to access the student’s loan. These ideas are given to the government, and thus, it plays its role of intervention.

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According to Aikens’ article, a free market economy offers more benefits as opposed to one which is controlled. In a market with free flow of goods and services, there is competition, and the consumer has information to select the best products. The government has to play a role in ensuring that there is a free market, thus contributing to equal wealth distribution in the country (Aikins, 2009). Obama argues that he tried to create such a market so that the country could spring back to its initial position.

President Barrack Obama points out that the government put efforts to increase oil production, coal production, and employment in coal production sphere. He wants to increase the use of modern methods of fuel conservation by overseeing the production of fuel efficient cars which consume less fuel. This effort has tremendously decreased the expenses that were incurred in oil importation. Less oil is imported and thus less revenue is spent on oil. This shows the importance of government intervention into the market (, 2012).


As much as governor Romney is not yet in power, he speaks about his projects that are more or less inclined to government intervention. The talk on reduction of the oil prices, increasing the country’s revenue, and creation of more job opportunities also shows the effort which the government wants to put in to make the country economically stable. This is related to Aiken’s article.


In conclusion, it is evident that the second debate had its focus on creating a free market and showing how the effort of government intervention affects the economy. Both Obama and Romney showed their quest to provide the economic stability through the efforts of the government. The proposals they have made are related to Aiken’s article, which talks about maintaining the stability of the economy through government intervention and allowing a free market economy.

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