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Nov 16, 2017 at History Free Essays

Lack of Historical Matters Background

The culture of American popular songs is of the great significance, especially if it is related to the history. If the tunes, melodies, lyrics, sheet music, which are the great base of this culture, are of the great cultural value, they are also a powerful source of the important information for many contemporary researchers. This kind of information can be a very good source of historical evidence as it is very specific. For example, with respect to the classic English literature, it is worth mentioning that it consists of much information about king dynasties, their habits, character, style of life and many historical events that are of the great actuality nowadays as history has the tendency to repeat its circle. 

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I’ve chosen this topic for some specific reason as I am much interested in popular music of different ages, irrespectively to the century. I’ve tried to get to know how music can change the life and mentality of the whole nation, especially popular music, which is available for many people. In comparison to the past ages, when music was just a kind of luxury, nowadays many styles and genres are available for listening. But there appeared another problem, related to the quality of music as even it is of digital quality, something is really missed. 

In my opinion, the music of the contemporary age has some lack – lack of historical background, for it is not related to this period of time, with respect to some events or important personalities. In the modern music, there are almost no heroes who defend their land paying the highest value, sometimes even sacrificing their life. The knights are in the past, now we have only love-heroes with their just imaginary sacrifice with everything for love, but none is like this, none is ready to make this sacrifice. 

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By careful studying the site “History Matters”, I have learned that some issues really matters, especially such historical data as maps, numbers, letters and the other documents. I’ve discovered that for a careful historian, it is really possible to find some important facts, even if they are written many years ago, or are just included to old archive documents. Ronald Waltzer and John Spitzer by their guide “Making Sense of American Popular Song” made the great contribution to studying this issue, from new perspectives of the modern age. 

I’ve also learned that some historical events that are treated to be of no real importance for us now may become of great value for our children, if they see them from their perspective and add their own point of view. It is often possible to make an appropriate evaluation for one or another event after some time passes by.


History and Culture

Culture and history are connected so closely that it is even possible to make an assumption that they are the parts of the same mechanisms that move the civilization further. In the point of view of J. H. Clarke, “history is the clock that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography” (Clarke). It is possible to add to this statement that it is the culture that turns this clock on, so that all the details work accordingly. People and history, like culture and music are united as mother and children. These relations can not be broken. And some events from the past we see in reflection in present. Unfortunately, it is not really possible to change something of the past, add or remove our words or deeds, which are part of our nature, like it is impossible, turn back time.

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