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Middle East Cultures and Policies

Aug 13, 2019 at History Essays

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Over the recent years, the American society is involved in the discussion of the necessity of involvement in the affairs of the Middle East. The government of the United States claims that the presence of the US military power is dictated by the necessity to defend the national interests. The paper discusses the reasons for intervening in the internal affairs of the Middle East, the unwillingness to disengage from the region, and the aims of the Western world.

According to J. Faux (2015), since 1980, the United States has invaded at least fourteen Arab states. It cost the American nations thousands of soldiers’ lives and caused immense harm to the economy. However, neither of the political parties wants to discuss the question of the necessity of military presence in the Middle East while ordinary citizens cannot understand the reasons for it.


The politicians state that it is necessary to get involved in the internal affairs of the Middle East countries because of the protection of the national interests. Among the main rationales, there are struggling with terrorism, preventing Iran from creating nuclear weapons, and protecting Israel from the Arab threat.

The attempts of the American government to combat the terrorism have completely failed. Moreover, the constant wars and bombardments of Arab territories have triggered the appearance of American-hating fanatics, whose main desire is to revenge the innocent victims in their native countries by killing the maximum possible number of innocent American citizens.

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According to J. Faux (2015), the aim of the American government to destroy ISIS will not remove the cause of its appearance. The reason for it lies in the intolerable life conditions of the region that cannot be solved by war or bombardments. Thus, the United States is unable to solve this situation.

It is also not necessary to prevent Iran from creating nuclear weapons when Israel or Pakistan refuse to sign the international treaties. However, the American government did not invade any of these countries, and Iran should not become an exception. The main goal of the United States in Iran is to inhibit its leadership in the economic sphere that is more important for the government than the existence of nuclear plants. Besides, the economic sanctions were more efficient in making Iran start the negotiations.

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J. Faux (2015) states that nowadays, Israel has the most powerful armed forces in the region. The Israeli government refused to ratify the international treaties concerning the banning of nuclear and chemical weapons, so it is eligible to use power in case of a threat. These weapons may destroy entire cities and defend the Israeli people better than any American soldiers. The Arab countries understand the potential hazard and will not participate in a large-scale conflict. Moreover, the suppression of the Palestinian people has resulted in the appearance of a new enemy of the American nation.


Thus, the only interest of the Western World in the Middle East is the support of its economic interests of individuals. The American nation does not receive any benefit from the existing situation. Moreover, the military engagement worsens the living conditions in the invaded countries. The invasion in the internal affairs of the Middle East only creates new enemies for ordinary American people. The disengagement from the affairs will cause economic damages for those individuals and corporations that base their business on the international conflicts. The future presidential campaign in 2016 may become a good chance for American people to discuss the necessity of sacrificing human lives and national wellbeing.

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