"A Doll’s House" by Henrik

A Right Choice  "A Doll’s House" by Henrik

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A Right Choice "A Doll’s House" by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is an incredible play, which depicts the fate of the main character Nora and her intentions to save her husband even if it costs her dignity. The author shows that a woman devotes a considerable part of her life to her family, but she is forced to hide the truth not to disappoint her husband, Helmer. Thus, Nora makes a right choice before leaving the house as she has sacrificed her life for the sake of Torwald, but he does not deserve her efforts.

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Nora is a smart woman who reveals her decisiveness and a strong will to save Helmer’s life. In the beginning of the story, Nora and Helmer live in harmony, which is impossible to destroy. It seems that their love will exist forever, and such words as “darling” and “my little goose” prove this idea. Moreover, the words “I am not to look at my dearest treasure” emphasize that Helmer adores his wife and treats her like a child that constantly needs his love and care (Ibsen & Stephens, 2012). Undoubtedly, Nora loves him, and she cannot imagine her life without Torwald. In fact, she does not oppose her doll’s existence and accepts her husband’s egoism based on his selfishness. Thus, her option is the only right decision to support Helmer’s health.

Furthermore, Nora is an intelligent woman and a good mother as she takes care of her family while working hard to give her loan back. Although she often looks silly and light-minded in order to please her husband, who even does not imagine what she feels inside, Nora continues keeping in secret her tiring business within many years to pay off a needed sum of money. It is evident that the woman breaks the law, but it is the last chance to improve her husband’s health. Additionally, her deed is a precise example of courage, which reflects her strong nature and ability to assist those who she loves. It is obvious that she needs to pretend to be someone else. Almost in the end of the plot, Nora says, “I have been performing tricks for you, Torwald” (Ibsen & Stephens, 2012). These words show that she ignores all the boundaries and limitations for the sake of her husband. Thus, Nora’s love compels her to act, and the last reaction of her husband does not make her think that she has made a wrong choice.

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On the other hand, trying to save Helmer, Nora makes an irretrievable error, which becomes the main reason for a final conflict between them. It is difficult to believe that Torwald turns into another person who despises his wife when the truth opens. He does not attempt to understand Nora’s decision and indicates, “...you who were my joy and pride – a hypocrite, a liar – worse, worse – a criminal!” (Ibsen & Stephens, 2012). As a result, he reveals that his male egoism is unable to accept the deal between Krogstad and his wife. It means that all Nora’s intentions do not have any sense, and from this point of view she has made a wrong choice. Eventually, their family is destroyed, and her secret becomes a contributing factor of their conflict.


In conclusion, Nora’s choice is right for her as she cannot obey Torwald’s injustice. Nora makes a decision to leave her house including the whole family despite the fact that she has sacrificed a particular part of her life to save her husband’s health. Undoubtedly, the woman has followed her inner voice which told her to help Helmer, but who does not value his wife’s action due to his high self-esteem and egoism.

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