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The open window in “The Story of an Hour” signifies a new life that Louise, Mallard’s wife, will start after her husband’s death. Just as individuals open windows at their homes to let the fresh air in, Louise does the same but symbolically. She was saving herself from the old way of life letting in a new life. Looking from the window, Louise sees fluffy clouds, treetops, and blue sky. She hears birds singing and people talking that implies a coming rainstorm. Everything that Louise experiences through her senses denotes the start of a new life and joy. When she thinks over sky, she feels the hints of elation; she is happy and full of excitement. The open window provides her with life and hope. Additionally, it also gives her a clear view into her bright future, which at hand is unobstructed by other persons’ demands. Consequently, it is not coincidence when Louise turns from the view of the window and loses her freedom at the same time.

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In the story “The Open Window”, the most significant symbol is the window itself. Mrs. Sappleton’s niece narrates to Mr. Nuttel the story about the people who got lost when they were hunting. In this case, the open window symbolizes Mrs. Sappleton’s heartbreak and pain when her husband and young brother died. Later on, after revealing the truth, an open window did not symbolize anguish anymore; it stands for deceit. Saki did this ironically by making use of the open window, an object that a person could expect to imply honesty, as a sign of deceit.

In these two stories, the open windows are alike; they are used to symbolize a particular thing. They show foreshadowing in the stories both being view points. Additionally, they have been a sign of giving hope to individuals who have experienced many troubles after the deaths of their loved ones. In the two stories, the windows were always kept open. Both characters were using their windows to get a view from outside. Louise and Mrs. Sappleton thought that the windows could give them hope becoming a new beginning. The windows are significant themes in both stories.

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On the other hand, the theme of open windows also has some differences. In Saki’s story, the window is ironically used as compared to “The Story of an Hour” where it implies the start of a new life. In the story “The Open Window”, the window brings heartbreak to Mrs. Sappleton after the death of her husband whereas in the former story, it gives Louise happiness. It creates a big difference in how the open windows come out in the stories.

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