"Fahrenheit 451" Characters

"Fahrenheit" 451 Characters | Mildred Montag or Guy Montag

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Which Character from "Fahrenheit 451", Mildred Montag or Guy Montag, do I most Resemble?

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a novel that reveals the differences in people within the society which is clearly suppressed by the decision of the authorities to burn all books in the futuristic American city. Two characters, Guy Montag and Mildred Montag, who act as husband and wife, are important for the differences that the book seeks to express. Two competing visions of life emerge in this novel. Mildred Montag, who is self-satisfied and absorbed by the technology and entertainment, typifies one, while Guy Montag, who rejects his society in order to search for something different, typifies the other. In Fahrenheit 451, I resemble Guy Montag who searches something different from the expectations of society.

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Guy Montag’s Character and Actions

Guy Montag works as a firefighter who has been employed to burn books in the futuristic American society. The work of Guy Montag differs sharply from that one executed by the firefighters. In a normal society, firefighters are supposed to extinguish the fire. However, firefighters, such as Guy Montag in Fahrenheit 451 start them. The people in the futuristic American society enjoy nature, think independently without any influence, and spend excessive time by themselves watching television and listening to music (Bradbury 3).

Following the burning of the old woman and her house, Guy Montag encounters a spiritual dilemma of love and hate towards his work. Books lure Montag, and he decides to hide the books in order to read them. He has a great interest in humanistic knowledge that makes him force his wife to join him in reading and even seeks the guidance of Professor Faber, someone that he can trust, to instruct him (Bradbury 273).

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The Resemblance to Guy Montag

I resemble Guy Montag because instead of sitting at home and watching movies during my free time as other people do, I spend this time to explore the things I do not know or do not understand, whether in reading, in playing or any other means. For instance, at a certain time, I engaged in reading the Bible not as a Christian but as a person led by curiosity to understand what the pastors and church leaders find to be most appealing in the Bible.

Guy Montag decided to go against the instructions of his supervisor who required him to burn all the books and houses where they were found. He instead hid them in order to discover what these books contained (Bradbury 309). There were several situations in my life when I acted against the will of the other people. For example, my mother told me never to try baseball because she considered it dangerous. However, I went to baseball training to learn exactly how baseball is played, and I discovered that it was a good game.

Guy Montag did not relent in his efforts to read, even after his senior, Beatty, found him doing that. Moreover, he ignited Beatty and watched him burning to death. Montag flees from the sadistic escapist society. I resemble Guy Montag in this way too. Once I worked in a company where the manager was very arrogant. He behaved disrespectful towards the employees and used the words that described them as people who were inferior to him. Most of my colleagues did not object because they considered such behavior reasonable. However, I refused to work in that environment and with such a mean manager. I decided to confront him and resigned. During this argument, the manager could not believe that a junior employee dared to oppose him. Consequently, I resigned and started to search for another opportunity. Luckily, I found another job where the employees were valued and motivated unlike in the previous environment.


Therefore, I resemble Montag who does not accept the actions and authorities of people in the sadistic and escapist society but searches something different and satisfying. My character and actions resemble him in a certain way.

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