Little Red Riding Hood in Chicago

Little Red Riding Hood in Chicago Essay Sample

Oct 8, 2019 at Free Literature Essay Samples

How Little Red Riding Hood changes in the 21st Century

Once upon a time in an abandoned village, there lived a nice young girl named Little Red Riding Hood. Overprotected by her Mother, she hated her small town and strived for freedom, dreaming of the big city lights. One day, her Mother sent her to visit their sick Grandmother, who moved to Chicago, and brought her some organic food.

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When Little Red Riding Hood was already in the suburbs of Chicago, a handsome Wolf from the Asian street gang “Wolf Boys” encountered her with an intention to seduce, but did not dare to do that in a broad light and decided just to talk. The girl was not scared of the dangerous young man at all. On the contrary, she liked him. So, they talked in the street, and Little Red Riding Hood told him that she was going to visit her sick Grandmother who lives in the suburbs of Chicago in order to deliver some organic foods from the village. The Wolf asked about the exact address of the Grandmother’s house and challenged the young girl to have a race there, and Little Red Riding Hood agreed. Since the Wolf grew up in these streets and knew the short way, he was the first one to knock at the Grandmother’s door, pretending to be her granddaughter. After he got inside the house, he locked the Grandmother in the basement, and quickly put on her sleeping gown and sneaked into grandmother’s bed.

Little Red Riding Hood showed up at the house a few minutes later, so the Wolf softened his voice and asked her to join him in bed. The girl became suspicious and wondered what was wrong with her Grandmother, but curiosity took over, so she took her clothes off and got into bed. She then recognized the Wolf and spent a night of love with him. The next morning, the Wolf left the house and never visited Little Red Riding Hood again. In the end, the girl found out she bore a child of the Wolf under her heart and decided to stay with her Grandmother to live in Chicago to give her future son a chance for a better life.

It is beyond any doubt that each fairy tale has figurative meaning and can be interpreted in different ways. For example, in Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood of the 17th century, Orenstein sees sexuality issues and calls it a “seduction tale.” Thus, nowadays, there are other ways in which the fairy tale can be interpreted and other problems it can consider. Current essay analyzes the suggested changes in the fairy tale about the 21st century Red Hood.

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One of the key changes is time and place alteration. In the original fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood travels from village to village to visit her Grandmother, while in the altered version, she travels from the small town to Chicago. It is inclined to show the problems of adolescents who are unwilling to stay in small towns and want to live in big cities.

Another change in the story is a girl’s character and attitude. While in the original fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood is a timid, helpless, and naive child; however, in the modern version, she is a girl with ambitions, independent enough to make a choice and change her life. Like any adolescent, she believes in fairy tales and in people, and subsequently, ends up with a typical teenage story. However, the heroine demonstrates enough courage and responsibility to make an adult choice.

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The paper gives an account of and the reasons for the changes in the modernized story of the Little Red Riding Hood of the 21st century. In this case, the time and place of the story as well as the character of the main heroine of the Charles Perrault’s fairy tale were changed in order to reflect the peculiarities and actual problems of the modern world.

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