Chapter One Discussion: Best Investigators Traits

Investigators Traits Discussion

Sep 11, 2020 at Other Free Essays

Chapter One Discussion

First, a successful investor must be a critical thinker. The criminal investigation involves a significant amount of intellectual work, including unraveling complex schemes and puzzles. Therefore, the investigator must question every circumstance or evidence, to not fall into the trap and reveal the truth.

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Second, the investigator must be attentive to detail because details often mean a lot in criminal cases. The general picture of the crime consists of specific circumstances and nuances. For example, when investigating a murder, factors such as the victim’s relationship with other people, the murder method, the killer’s distinctive “style,” and other small details may be critical.

Third, the investigator must be persistent. Being principled and dedicated is essential for the investigator since their task is to reveal the truth and achieve justice, which can be challenging. The professional must be ready to respond to the criminal’s resistance to the investigation, and not give up on the mission of investigation.

Lastly, being decisive is essential for the investigator because they often need to react and make decisions rapidly. Simultaneously, decisiveness does not imply rash and spontaneous decisions, but the ability to think quickly, but calmly and clearly. I demonstrate and develop these qualities in daily situations by teaching myself to take each situation seriously, when it is appropriate, and be able to stay reasonable and sensible even in stressful circumstances that require a rapid reaction. I believe that investigators-to-be should nurture in themselves the set of above traits throughout life because one cannot demonstrate all of these qualities spontaneously.

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Another trait that is critical for investigators is professionalism. This quality is necessary for any field because it ensures high-quality performance. However, professionalism is the trait that the investigator needs to develop throughout the career because professional growth is a continuous process that implies learning, deepening and broadening job-related knowledge, and mastering soft and hard skills. Therefore, as an investigator, I would need to incessantly cultivate my job-related and personality traits, skills, and expertise in criminal investigation to become a successful professional.

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