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Cultural Intelligence - Discussion Board Post

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Cultural Intelligence

Yes I agree with my result. The reason is that this test is rational as it comprises of important questions that pertain to one’s ability to fit in a diverse society and the results are verifiable. For example there is a question on what one fears when travelling and for me I chose lacking an opportunity to interact with the locals.

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With such an idea, I would not even need the test to tell me whether I am culturally intelligent or not as the test only plays the role of confirming my results and my belief about myself in regard to the topic. Furthermore, the questions in the test are highly applicable in life as they pertain to how one interacts with people from different cultures and also how they view them. As a result, it was possible for me to evaluate myself and then compare my self-perception to the test results. Furthermore, the test was straightforward and had simple questions and the answers did not require me to think as they all related to something I practice or do. As a result the transparency of the test does not leave room for controversy or any form of refutation. Furthermore, I have on several times asked my most trusted friends to rate my social interactions and perspective about diversity and their feedback is largely similar to the test results. Consequently, I would not table any point of objection to the results.

I would say that the results surprised me but the implication and the possible effect on my career and professional life did surprise me. In regard to my status concerning cultural intelligence, I know myself based on the way I interact with people from diverse culture as well as how I treat new experiences and thus the test only, confirmed the truthfulness of my self-perception. However, I never thought that my social attributes have a higher level of significance as I have learnt through the test. I never knew that I am a kind of person that professionals and company can consider as qualified to work in a global business environment. As a result, I have  realized the importance of character and personality as an important foundation in career in an equal measure as the academic qualifications. In this way realizing the implication of my character has really surprised me.

The lesson has changed the way I think from now henceforth. Before I did the test I used to think that cultural intelligence is more of a social requirement for creation of friends and relations. However, I have realized that such a personality also largely define ones professional status. As a result, from now, I will deeply invest in my character and personality to ensure that I have what it takes to fit in a global business world. Also, I have seen the need to be more aggressive when learning new things especially in relation to different cultures. In this regard, I from now, I see cultural awareness as more of a professional asset as opposed to a social attribute.

One way I would try to increase my cultural intelligence is through attending cultural events and trying to borrow some aspects of the foreign culture. Cultural exhibitions can make me learn about different cultures and borrowing some aspects for example eating foreign food and also wearing some of the foreign clothe designs can make me learn more about other people. In this case, I will make use of my friends who are from different cultures to learn from them for example when I attend their cultural exhibitions, and I will also try my best to educate them about my culture. In this regard, I feel that exhibitions will enable me learn more about other people.

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