Gun Control is Not Effective

How Gun Control is Not an Effective Way to Control Crime

Gun control is referred to as a set of policies or rules regulating the sale, transfer, possession, manufacture, use, and modification of firearms by civilians. In the world, many countries give civilian permission to purchase guns but with some restrictions. Possession of guns by civilians has been regarded as one of the major causes of violent crimes. The Gun Control Community is seeking to limit gun availability among the members of public. Some organizations, such as National Rifle Association (NRA), claim that individuals should be given guns because the 2nd Amendment gives citizens right to own firearms. Regulation of firearm cannot be regarded as a solution of crime prevention. Some individuals use guns to protect their life, as well as family and property, and their security can be compromised by denying the right of owning a gun. The gun control policy is not an effective way of preventing crime because individuals without firearms also commit crimes.

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Gun Control and Crime

Individuals who commit crimes using firearms are usually among those who suffer mental complication. In respect to Rozel and Edward (4) argument, there is a connection between firearm violence and mental complications. Mental health is considered to be a risk factor for firearm crime and violence. Individuals who suffer mental complication should be denied the opportunity to own guns in order to prevent violence crimes carried out using guns. The best practice to adopt is to screen individuals for mental illness before issuing gun permits. As indicated by Rozel and Edward (4) screening should check on psychological, physical and health status of individuals, who previously committed crime acts out of anger or with the purpose of revenge. Screening either weekly or monthly will help a lot in checking the mental status of those owning, manufacturing or selling guns. It is important to focus on checking on the mental health of the gun owners instead of preventing people from owning guns.

There are other means of preventing crime that can be more effective than gun control. Research carried out by Kang and Hang-Bong (1) showed that guns control laws does not add much in preventing crime from taking place. The research showed that police patrols, which are effectively carried out, can provide better help in preventing crime. The results of the research are true because when patrols are carried out the perpetrator will be denied the opportunity to commit crime. Individuals with guns can also perform the role of police when the police are not present at their patrol posts. The use of guns as a defense object can scare individuals with an aim of carrying out violent crime or any criminal activity using guns (Kang, Hyeon-Woo and Hang-Bong 5). In case if everybody owns a gun, number of crimes will be reduced because the perpetrators will be afraid to attack other gun owners. Civilians with guns will be spared to act when the police are around. The police will be around each street and corner all the time meaning that the perpetrators will be arrested even without causing more damage of carrying out the criminal activity. It is important to focus on patrol in order to prevent crime rather than claiming that gun control policies will help in preventing crime.

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Theories have been developed to explain criminal mind, behavior and circumstance that make an individual to adopt such behavior. Van der Post, Laland, Kevin and Franz (3) explain the application of social theory in the context of crime prevention. The theory indicates that the crime behavior is learned and individual do not commit crime due to availability of tools to carry out the act. There are also opportunist criminals who commit the offence whenever an opportunity is available. Such criminals will not be in a position to commit firearm or violent crimes because many people will be having a firearm. In consideration of the social learning theory and the opportunist criminal concept, availability of firearms to civilians does not contribute to crime. Individuals with criminal mind can commit crime even without the firearm. If an individual had an intention of committing crime he or she can use even a sharp metal or a knife to commit the crime (Kang and Hang-Bong 6). The government should focus on the root cause of criminal behavior instead seeking to enhance and reinforce gun control policies.

Sometimes people use guns to commit crime due to external or internal pressure. Form Rozel and Edward (4) research many people committing suicide using firearms while other kill innocent people using the same type of weapon. Guns do not commit crime, but it is an individual who carries out the action using a gun. Even if a criminal is not given a gun, he or she will find one and commit crime. Individual’s nature cannot be changed merely because he or she is in possession of a firearm. Those who want to commit crime will find all means to acquire a gun and commit the offence. The best way to deal with the situation is to find means of preventing the pressure that forces individuals to carry out such crimes. For example, a program should be established to educate people on how to use guns. In the military, there are only few cases of using guns unlawfully. Military personals are trained and discipline on ways of handling firearms and the same thing should be done to the individuals who want to own, sell or manufacture guns. It is more important to deal with the forces that make an individual to commit the crime than imposing the gun control policies.

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Government should find other ways of reducing crime because gun control policies are not effective. Individuals buy guns for protections purposes and criminals will be scared to attack gun owners. Guns owners sometimes help in fighting the perpetrators in case of robbery or a terrorist attack incidence. Criminal behavior is learned, and an individual cannot choose to be a criminal because of owning a firearm.


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