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The Position of a Head Coach | Position Description Creation

Nov 28, 2019 at Other Free Essays

Football Club

The position of a head coach in a football club necessitates the need for preparedness to handle the day to day activities in the interest of the primary objectives that have been outlined for the entity. The mission and vision related to the goals of progress are only attained relative to the direct involvement of the coach to embrace all the vital performance metrics in the interest of getting the best-suited results that would advance the quality of performances (Baptista & Castro, 2016).

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A job description for the full-time position as a head coach of a football club would entail the following duties:

  1. Training and preparation of teams for matches. The coach is responsible for creating a schedule for training and the frequency with which particular activities are to be done during training.
  2. Overseeing matches and presiding over team selection. Based on the plan for every match, the coach decides the best members of the squad to participate and the capacity of involvement expected. This is vital to preserve order in the club so that there is only one central command (Santos et al., 2019).
  3. Scouting and recruitment of players. The coach is at liberty to set up his own scouting staff in the interest of identifying the players that meet the work ethic and would fit seamlessly into the team to serve the intended purpose (Potrac, Nelson, O’Gorman, 2016).
  4. Hiring backroom staff constituting other coaches and delegating particular duties based on the level of their knowledge and previous roles held (Armour, Griffiths, & De Lyon, 2016).
  5. Developing and planning strategy for matches to provide the necessary instruction to players in the course of matches based on the fate of the game.
  6. Overseeing all communication with the media on matters football and the squad to the extent that would not jeopardize confidentiality and bring disrepute to the institution (Pill, 2015).
  7. Creating and maintaining daily budget and financial requirements for running the activities of the club.

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