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Whenever you are working on an academic paper, you have to make sure that in addition to following the professor’s guidelines, the content is fully original and has no traces of plagiarism. Copying someone else’s work and presenting it as yours is not only unethical but can also get you into serious trouble. In academic circles, plagiarism is punishable and in extreme cases, may have legal consequences. At the same time, many students find it hard to express their own thoughts without using the ideas they saw elsewhere. 

Our VIP plagiarism check will help you make sure that apart from being well-written, your paper is also fully original. 

We have developed a complex system for plagiarism detection to help our customers ensure the highest quality of their academic papers. With the help of our VIP plagiarism check, you can quickly detect non-original text in your essay, research paper, thesis, or any other academic text. 

Our plagiarism detector

Our plagiarism detector finds all types of plagiarism, including:



Accidental match: the sources that were misquoted


Direct plagiarism: openly copying another author’s words


Paraphrasing: rewritten text without citation


Fake quotes and reference to non-existent sources


Self-plagiarism: text copied from your own works

We have developed advanced plagiarism detection tools to help our clients check papers for plagiarism and avoid problems in colleges and universities. With their help, students can identify unoriginal content in a matter of seconds and remove it from their papers. 

If you want to submit exclusive papers, check out our new essay plagiarism checker and forget about issues that may arise in case your paper contains any unoriginal text. It is reasonable to be concerned about the originality of papers because students who are caught plagiarizing will be heavily penalized in the best-case scenario. Our VIP plagiarism check will keep you away from trouble. 

Try our anti-plagiarism programs to detect the slightest plagiarism before you submit your paper. With such a thorough check of your paper, you can eliminate the finest possibility of losing points because of duplicated material. 

The Reasons to Use Our Top Plagiarism Checker

When students hear that someone was caught plagiarizing they assume that their papers must have contained content copied from another source word to word. They knew they were compromising academic integrity and now they are facing the consequences. However,  that is not always true.

In reality, anyone can include unoriginal text in their paper without even knowing this because there are different types of plagiarism. The only way you can be certain that your paper is fully unique is to scan it on the best plagiarism checker for students.

Benefits of Our PlagiarismVIP Plagiarism Check

Our database consist Our database consist of
over 50 million texts
plagiarized material We provide links to the sources of the plagiarized material
PDF report You get a detailed PDF report

We recommend using our anti-plagiarism software for a series of reasons:

  • You can avoid unnecessary troubles in college. Educational institutions punish their students for plagiarized papers very seriously. You may automatically fail the course or even be expelled from the university. Our online plagiarism checker will help you make sure this does not happen.
  • You can sleep peacefully knowing that your essay will not be rejected. Even if you are certain that you did not copy anything, with an additional check, you can detect all similar content and relax.
  • The process is automatic. You do not have to google every paragraph to see if there is a matching result. Our online tool will scan the whole paper for you.
  • Find similar content immediately. Our checker will highlight any content that is at least remotely similar to other online publications. This way, you will be able to change suspicious sentences before your professor receives the paper.
  • You can get a higher grade. You obviously worked hard to write this paper. Don’t let accidental matches of text ruin your grade.
  • Our checkers are effective. They will detect all sentences and phrases that seem unoriginal.
  • Unlike other online checkers, our software analyzes words in context, which means that it will not consider accidental matches plagiarism. 

Why to Avoid Plagiarism?

Because this helps you ensure that your paper is of the highest quality. Professors will not accept your work if there is plagiarism. 


How Teachers Instantly See Your Plagiarism

Several plagiarism identification secrets of experienced professors:

Francesca C., Australia

I wonder how professors identified plagiarism centuries ago. Perhaps being a student was a privilege, so people were afraid to be excluded. Or maybe plagiarism was less common in the past in the pre-internet era.

Viktor S., Slovakia

I think plagiarism detection has become easier recently. If some text seems suspicious to me, I just google the passage. Of course, I use plagiarism checkers but this method also works sometimes. I told my students about it and it seems they started plagiarizing less.

Andrjey O., new Zealand

I hate reading papers that are obviously compilations of quotes and ideas from different sources. Besides being unoriginal, such text is also impossible to read. I frankly do not understand why some students do not even bother to proofread their plagiarized paper.

Rebecca, Canada.

I spot plagiarism instantly. Students commonly copy from sources like CliffNotes, WikiSummaries, SparkNotes, and so on.


On the other hand, if your paper is fully original, even the strictest professor will reward you with a decent grade. Use the best online plagiarism checker and show them that you can write well.


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