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Our custom writing company offers top reference list writing services for those who need help. A reference list is an integral part of any paper. Writing an essay, a research paper, an article, or any other paper, you must search for additional sources and cite them. Only several academic assignments may not require you to create a reference list. A list of references helps you arrange the information you have found properly. Moreover, when using some ideas from the sources, you have to cite them in the text and provide a reference list entry. Looking for the references, you should know that not all sources found online are reliable and can be cited in an academic paper. Thus, if you are not sure what sources you need and how to arrange them in a reference list, you may use our reference list help. Moreover, ordering an essay with us, you receive a reference list for free as writers will search for sources, cite them in the text, and list the entries on a reference page.

If you have decided to buy reference list services from our professional reference list writing company, you need to know that we never use already created online reference list options. Our writers search for each bibliography entry following your instructions, as we understand that each client’s guidelines are unique, and we strive to provide professional assistance to our customers.

No matter whether you order a research paper or just a list of references, our writers take each reference list assignment seriously. If you need a professional list of references, you have to describe your theme and provide us with the citation style. We guarantee that each entry will be perfectly formatted to fit your discussion. We do not include the sources following the titles; we check the information in a source to ensure that the entry may be included. Each source is attentively checked to ensure that it fits the discussion.

Reference list academic writing is not a complicated assignment. However, it requires a high level of concentration and attention to detail. Writing reference list papers for you, we always include only academic sources such as books, scientific journals, or online content from .edu sites. We highly value your trust and cannot afford to cite unreliable sources just to ensure that the required number of entries is included. If you have some specific sources to use in your paper, send them to us, and we will include those. We may also extend your reference lists. We guarantee that all your expectations and requirements will be met. Usually, we cite the sources published within the past 7 years. However, we are ready to meet your demands. Thus, papers in medicine usually contain the sources published within the past 3-5 years.


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A reference list order matters as depending on the citation style, the entries may be arranged either numerically (as they appear in the text) or following alphabetical order. Thus, we are ready to complete papers in various citation styles namely, APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, Oxford, Vancouver, CBE, ASA, AMA, IEEE, etc. If you have a specific citation style, choose “Other” in the order form, and send us the details.

Difference between a Bibliography and a Reference List

Writing essays, research papers, and even dissertations, some students do not understand the difference between a bibliography and a reference list. Even though both entries provide general information about the source, a list of references and a bibliography are two different sections. The paper may contain either references or bibliography or both. Thus, it is essential to understand the difference between these two options before your resort to writing a reference list.


The major difference between a Reference list and a bibliography is that a Reference list contains only the sources that have been cited in the paper, while a bibliography enumerates the entries, which may not be cited in the text but was consulted throughout the research and served as a guide for looking for other sources. There is a table that perfectly points to the similarities and differences of a reference list and bibliography:

Parameters Reference list Bibliography
Contents Includes all types of sources that have been cited in the paper in the alphabetical order Includes all the sources that have been used while working on the paper even if the source has not been cited in the final version
Order It is written on a separate sheet of paper right after the essay and before the bibliography (if included) It is written after the reference list
Scope The scope is limited to the context of the paper and specific ideas that have been directly cited in the paper The scope is broad as it is not limited to the paper content directly and may include the sources that touch the essay ideas indirectly; not limited.
Arrangement The sources may be presented either alphabetically or numerically by the order they appear in the paper, depending on the citation style and requirements The sources may be presented alphabetically only
Contents A reference presents the main information with the details about the source, namely the author(s), date of publication, the title of the source, the title of the article and the journal (if applicable), etc. A bibliography presents the main information with the details about the source, namely the author(s), date of publication, the title of the source, the title of the article and the journal (if applicable), etc.
In-text citation All the sources from the reference list must be cited in the text The sources in the bibliography may not be directly cited in the text
Information A reference list contains a line with the information about the source A bibliography entry may contain a line with the information about the source and a short annotation covering the main idea of the publication and how it has contributed to the paper
Context A reference list may be used in all types of papers, even short essays and posts A bibliography is usually included in large papers such as dissertations, research publications, book entries, etc.


We hope that the information above has helped you get a better vision of the differences between a reference list and a bibliography and you will not confuse these notions. Thus, if you need to complete a reference list or a bibliography, you may easily do it yourself. However, if you still need some advice or help, you may turn to us and get professional assistance from writers who work with different citation styles on a regular basis and will arrange your sources in the required style within the shortest deadlines.

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