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Writing an Article Critique with Expert Assistance

Writing an article critique can be a real challenge for many students as this writing type involved one to think critically and analytically as well as being logical and concise when expressing opinions in written form. We fully realize that article critique writing assignment normally causes a lot of stress to students, so we have decided to come up with an idea of helping students of different academic levels to cope with their assignments successfully. As such, EssaysWorld.net provides its top-quality writing services and you can definitely rely on our reputable company for expert assistance as we have a versatile team of writers who hold academic degrees in different areas. Our professional writers hire will help you even with the weirdest and outrageous topics ever, so do not hesitate and contact our company right now. We can provide a solution for you.

What is an article critique? If you have been assigned an article critique to write, keep in mind that you should know exactly how to critique an article and what steps to take next if you need to write an extensive paper on it. The underlying task of the article critique is to provide a personal evaluation of the content you have read. You can be assigned to write a critique of an article in any discipline, so be sure to analyze the article within the given context and also put forward strong arguments on the literary work given.

One of the main difficulties is not that students do not know how to write an article critique but that they cannot properly organize their time and split the huge assignment into small steps. First of all, many students cannot manage their time wisely – they do not know how much time they need for reading the article and working on the very text. Therefore, it is essential to devote enough time to the reading stage as sometimes you may have to read the article more than once in order to properly understand it. Second, students should also be aware of the importance of taking notes in the process of reading. As such, it will then help them to provide a concise summary and afterward move on to writing the critique. Third, it is important to bear in mind that writing an article critique outline is the thing that might help in the overwhelming process of writing since it will help one properly structure the paper. In other words, it will serve you the function of the roadmap or a paper backbone and you will then know what information each paragraph contains and how you should move forward with that.

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Article Critique Guidelines

We have decided to provide a comprehensive list of article critique guidelines to help students at least a bit with this complex and challenging assignment. The main thing is that when you delve deeper into details, you will see that it is not as difficult as it first seemed.

The very first thing that helps in the understanding of the task is to read the requirements really carefully and attentively. If you do not understand some part of the instructions, it is better to ask your professor about that rather than fantasizing about the content. Second, when identifying the topic and the main points of the assigned article, you need to stress the core arguments, the main aspects for analysis, and other aspects.

Some of the main issues to consider when you are working on a research article critique:

  • to critique a journal article does not mean to write a summary: your professor is not interested in your narrating the content but rather in your reflecting and responding to the main arguments and ideas;
  • instead of merely focusing on your impressions from reading, make sure you provide strong and convincing arguments with supporting evidence why you think in a particular way;
  • do not focus merely on the central idea but rather try to provide a broader analysis, i.e. the causes and effects of specific actions in the article.

Once you have understood more or less how to cope with the content of the paper, it is not vital to switch your attention to the article critique format, specifically the mode of paragraph organization, the formatting of sentences, citation style, and other aspects.

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The most widespread type of critique writing assigned to students is APA style article critique. It is necessary that you adhere to the assigned citation style because, even if your paper is impeccable in content and grammar but has flaws with citations, it will not be positively evaluated. So, some of the important parts of the APA structure are the following:

  1. Introduction. It can be either a short paragraph or a longer chapter – it all depends on the overall paper length. However, before you start working on the introductory paragraph, be sure that you need to start with the abstract, which is a paragraph of 150-250 words, which is written in the form of an article overview where you identify the central ideas of the work. In the introduction, just provide background information on the article, mention the topic of the article, the author, the central idea, and probably some justification as to why you have chosen the article for critique or why the article was significant.
  2. The main body. This paper section is the main one and it comprises body paragraphs, where each of them is focused on a separate idea. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence and then it should proceed with argumentation and supporting evidence. You should provide a concise analysis of your observation as well as make sure your arguments are strong.
  3. The conclusion should be the last paragraph. You should not provide any new ideas here but rather summarize everything you have touched upon and re-emphasize the key points.
  4. Reference page. You need to organize all sources that you have used for writing your paper. Specifically, you need to cite them properly and format them according to the required citation style.

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Why Students Need Help from Article Critique Writing Service

The main reason why students prefer to trust their article critique assignments to our article critique writing service is that they cannot cope with their writing on their own and need professional assistance with that. We can help you in cases when:

  • an article critique assignment is difficult to understand, if it is long or if it focuses on different aspects;
  • it is difficult to format an article for you according to the required style and format;
  • you are not fluent enough to express your opinion in English freely or if you lack skills and expertise to deal with the topic;
  • you have no idea how many points to include in the critique and how to provide a qualitative article critique relying on expert opinion;
  • you cannot tell apart where is emotional feedback or judgment and where it is properly supported the claim.

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