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Essay revision service is one of the important services that may be needed by a student in his/ her urge to make the piece of writing perfect and flawless. Moreover, such services can be of immense help to students who have got tired of their efforts aimed at providing comprehensive and logical research. Since it is an undeniable fact that not all students have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge as well as skills to cope with a specific task, our revision writing service is a perfect choice for many students if they want to get an excellent grade.

Writing revision is needed when a student gets his/ her piece of writing back from the professor or academic supervisor with the purpose of improving some aspects of the content and less often about the mechanics. When it comes to our essay revision service EssaysWorld.net, our core aim is to assist students to improve their academic writing according to specific instructions from their academic supervisors or professors. Editors on our team will revise your mistakes according to the instructions and will do everything possible to make the paper impeccable in content. If needed, our editors do not merely edit or modify some parts of the text but they also may rewrite, delete or add some parts. For example, it may be needed to add some information according to the requirements, change some terms or concepts or clarify some aspects or questions. If you want to avoid further revisions and make the revision process as fast as possible, do not hesitate to contact our essay revision help online.

Difference between Revision and Rewriting

When students receive a revision request from their professors, they frequently wonder what the difference between revision and rewriting is. They are particularly interested in the specific difference between these two processes when they get a lot of comments and it may seem to them that they need to rewrite the whole paper from scratch.

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So, rewriting is a constituent part of the revision process which refers to the paraphrasing of specific sentences, words, or whole paragraphs with the aim of changing the overall quality of paper or eradicating plagiarism. However, the rewriting process does not merely focus on the paraphrasing of separate words but on the improvement of the whole structural unit with the aim of making the paragraphs and the whole paper logical and coherent. The only condition is to make the text logical and well organized.

Revision, in its turn, is a broader term that involves not only rewriting but also formatting. However, revision does not always equal rewriting.

Difference between Revision and Editing

Another question that frequently interests students is what the difference between revision and editing is. Both of these ways of paper improvement relate to the quality betterment of any paper. More so, both of these processes are equally important in the document revision process.

However, there is a difference in the order of these processes that take place. Editing is essential prior to the revision and also after it. Initially, editing helps to identify what weaknesses the paper has. Specifically, after the editing process, it will be clear what is needed for revision. Concerning the editing process after the revision, it helps to double-check whether all the changes were appropriately made.

Editing in its essence concentrates on finding and eliminating the errors, improving the paragraph organization, and reorganizing the sentence structures. After the content is improved, you should then focus your attention on improving the paper in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

When it comes to revision tips and the whole essence of doing revision, the very word “revision” denotes re-visioning your paper – focusing on what can be changed and adjusted to improve the quality of writing. In general, when you are revising the paper, you should go through the following stages:

  • check whether the information in the paper is logically provided;
  • check on the logical connection and coherence between the ideas throughout the paragraphs;
  • pay attention to whether the introductory paragraph properly presents the information and hooks readers` attention;
  • double-check the correspondence of the paper draft to the outline.

Essay Revision Checklist

To be able to cope with your college essay revision or even revision memo or some other type of writing, our professional writers from the online academic writing company EssaysWorld.net have provided an essay revision checklist. It should help you move along the revision process without any problems.

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Step 1. Identify the main point of revision.

Focus on the aspect of the paper that needs to be improved, adjusted, rewritten, paraphrased, etc. If you decide to buy revision service from EssaysWorld.net, your assigned professional will first carefully read through the whole paper and then identify the main points that should be changed or modified. Normally, when you get revision help, your editor will pay attention to the thesis statement, the ideas investigated throughout the body paragraphs, coherence and consistent connection throughout the paragraphs, and the logical summary of the issue.

Step 2. Identify the purpose of writing as well as the target audience.

When you cooperate with our essay revision help online service, your assigned writer or editor will, first of all, identify the target audience for your paper. It is a decisive fact in the process of coming up with the proper vocabulary structure and on the whole with ideas. Moreover, when you buy revision essay from us, your assigned editor will help you decide on the paper structure: whether it should be analytical, informative, argumentative, persuasive, or evaluative.

Step 3. Analyze the evidence.

Analyzing and evaluating the evidence is essential in the process of formulating a thesis statement. When revising a paper, your assigned writer will double-check whether your thesis statement is strong enough and argumentative. Moreover, the editor revising your work will check whether the body paragraphs correlate with the ideas presented in the thesis. In case there are some inconsistencies, the writers will improve the content and can even formulate a better thesis statement.

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Step 4. Brushing up the text.

This is a step that comes after improving the content. At this stage, your assigned writer or editor will make sure that the sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are flawless. Moreover, this stage also encompasses the improvement of vocabulary choice and sentence organization. The main function of polishing the text is to make sentences clear and understandable. Sometimes even wrongly used words can be an obstacle to one’s way of comprehending and understanding the text. Apart from using plagiarism-checking software, our writers also edit and proofread the text manually, thus ensuring that you get top-notch quality papers. So, do not hesitate and buy revision from EssaysWorld.net writing experts.

Why Do I Need to Revise My Essay?

If you do not know how to revise your essay or what you are required to do to provide quality work, do not hesitate and contact our paper revision service with a message, “Please revise my essay.”

Our essay revision online service hires only the most professional and experienced writers who fully realize how tough it is to manage time for both new writing projects, exams, and revision assignments. Therefore, we are here to provide you with an option of online essay revision that can be affordable in price and time-saving in terms of your energy and efforts. Instead of struggling with essay or research paper revision, you can have that hour or two free to socialize with your friends or do something interesting and enjoyable. Even if you have to submit a revision of some other paper type – not necessarily an essay or a research paper, – do not waste your time and ask our experts, “Please revise my resume” or any other piece of writing.

Process for Ordering Essay Revision

Step - 1

Step · 01

Fill the order form.

Upload the paper for revision and let us know all the additional details of your task, particularly in terms of formatting and style.

Step - 2

Step · 02

Pay for your paper.

Please note that the cost of your order will vary, depending on the number of pages that need to be the revision. Once you pay, we will assign one of our writers to work on your order.

Step - 3

Step · 03

Reach your personal writer.

You can contact your writer via live chat or personal dashboard if required. It enables you to check paper’s progress, avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Step - 4

Step · 04

Download your work.

Get your proper essay revision. Once the due date comes, access your online account created on our website to download your work.

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Well, essay revision complete by experts allow gaining high grades; with our writing service, your paper will definitely score an A+ Professor will be amazed by your paper!

Our reliable writing service will not only help you with doing some work from scratch but will also inform you how the revision process is different from proofreading. So, if you wonder, “Whether I need help revise my essay or proofread it?” check out the following features that differentiate proofreading from the revision:

  1. Structure. If you need to balance the structure and make your paper better organized, keep in mind that your assigned editor will help you with that. Adjusting the structure is a part of revision since it entails sometimes changing the idea of the paper.
  2. Formatting. When your paper is properly formatted and when all references are properly cited, be sure that your paper will be original and unique in terms of content. Therefore, we work so hard and diligently to make your paper plagiarism-free.
  3. Paper layout. Sometimes, an essay or a research paper cannot simply deserve a good mark because of problems with paper design or layout. Specifically, the paragraphs may be poorly organized: they may be illogical or they may lack transitions. Therefore, when you order revision services from EssaysWorld.net, your paper will be free from such errors.
  4. Grammar. Normally, this aspect can belong to the proofreading process. However, it may also be related to the general structure. The argument as a whole may lose the point and readers may misunderstand some message since a thesis statement may have grammar mistakes.
  5. Reference page. All sources should be properly referenced. Even mistakes in the bibliography may leave a negative trace on the overall content quality.


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