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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you assist me with my coding task?

    Our company provides writing services only. The assignments related to programming, coding, etc., cannot be completed by our team.
  • Can you assist me with my online test?

    Certainly. To get help with such an assignment, you need to select “Online Test” when placing your order. Give us detailed information about your test, including extra material, if any, so that our specialist can prepare for it. Additionally, remember to indicate the time of your test, its duration, the date when the test has to be taken, and your time zone. The writer will log in to the online platform when required and pass your test.
  • How can I reach the writer?

    You can use our messaging system available in your account to communicate with your expert.

    If the matter is urgent, you can always address our Live Chat Support.

  • A free revision time frame is over but I want my paper to be revised. What should I do in this case?

    If your request for revision is late, you need to make a new order and choose “Revision” as an assignment type.

  • How to know that the writer is allocated to my assignment?

    Once an expert is assigned to your order, their ID will become visible in the order details (the line Writer).
  • How is it possible to add more pages to my writing project?

    In this case, an additional order has to be submitted. This feature can be found in the “My orders” section in your personal cabinet on our website. You can also ask our Live Chat Support for help.
  • I have picked an incorrect academic level/deadline/word count/type of service. Can I change my order details?

    The order details cannot be modified on your own once the order form is submitted. Still, we can do it instead of you. The cost of your assignment will be recalculated depending on the introduced changes. You will need to pay the price difference to get the changes implemented.
  • Clicking on "proceed" I do not get anywhere. The order form does not open.

    In most cases, the reason for this issue is in the files attached. Either their size or format cannot be supported on the website. If that happens, try clicking on "proceed" without any attached files, and then just let the customer support agents upload them to your order section of Files.
  • Do you handle only common easy papers?

    We have worked a lot on the formation of our professional team. We hired experts for writing at different levels, from PhD to High School. Let us know the instructions in advance and we will share your complicated order with the best writers. We will let you know if they can take your project with a particular deadline.
  • I was in a hurry and I chose 3 days instead of 3 hours of the order urgency. It will be too late for me. Can I get my paper earlier, please? I need this issue resolved asap.

    We understand that anybody can make mistakes. You will send us a request to change the order urgency and we will estimate the amount of compensation required for covering the difference in pricing. The writer’s efforts have to be compensated for the urgency of work with the shortened time for the paper completion. The amount to be paid will depend on the difference between the new and initial urgencies. Having ordered your essay with the urgency of 3 days, you will have to compensate for the difference of almost three days to get the paper in 3 hours. The customer support agents will help you place a compensation order and check the charge on the company agency website. You will receive a payment link to your email so that you could make up for the urgency comfortably. After a successful payment, you will see that the urgency of the initial order has changed.
  • I have chosen a supreme writing level for my paper. Does it cover choosing a preferred writer or shall I pay extra for that option?

    The benefits of a supreme writing level are the following: immediate assignment of the order to a qualified writer; choosing one of the best 30 experts in a particular field of studies; and a detailed report on plagiarism. If you would like to request a particular writer, whose style appeals to you, you have to pay extra for the option of choosing a preferred expert who managed to satisfy your needs and show their best in the previous orders. Choosing this option along with the premium service, you will be sure that your preferred writer will be contacted without any delay, and the originality of the paper will be confirmed with a detailed plagiarism report.
  • Can you email my assignment directly to me?

    Our policy implies attaching the completed assignments to the tab Files in your customer’s account. There will be no specific email with the attached file, but the notification you will get immediately after the paper is available will contain a link for downloading it.
  • I cannot place the order for an hour. Why is it happening?

    If you have filled all the mandatory fields, but the website still denies order placement, check on the files you have attached. It may happen that the files interfere with the process. You can just place the order as it is and then contact customer support and ask them to deliver the files to the writer. Do not forget that your email with the files should have an indication of the order ID.
  • After the deadline is over, where should I look for my assignment?

    Get to your profile, go to the section Orders and download your ordered task from the tab Files. If that is not convenient for you, you can use a link in your email to download the completed project.
  • How can my contact information (email, login, password, phone number) be changed?

    Sign in, open your account, use the tab Profile and amend the available details via the option "Edit Profile". Save the changes by clicking on s a corresponding button "Save".
  • Is communication with the assigned writer allowed?

    Using your account, you can discuss any order issues with your writer via messages. In case of an urgent request or question from you, it is better to contact customer support Live Chat first and let us contact the writer. We would like you to be satisfied, so we work 24/7.
  • Could you help me check my assignment for originality?

    Placing an order in our writing agency, you can add a VIP option "Plagiarism Check" to get a link to a plagiarism checker. You will be redirected from your account to the website of ThePlagiarism.com and enabled to check a text of not more than 1,000 words for plagiarism. You can check not only your current paper but any text you need for 365 days without any extra charge. The results of your check in the form of a plagiarism report will be sent to your email. 


  • My test will take place online. Can you assist with it?

    "Online Exam" is among the options we offer on our website. You have to take the following steps: 

    - You choose the order type "Online Exam" and give all the details in the order form;

    - You upload all the lectures, books, articles, and other files to assist the writer and let him/her prepare for the test;

    - You specify your time zone as well as the day and time of the test. Indicate the test duration as well and provide login details for the online test expert to access your account on the website of your university or a particular platform; 

    - You wait until the writer signs in and takes the test after thorough preparation. 

  • Is it allowed to get the paper before the deadline expires?

    Our terms and conditions stipulate a strict policy of order delivery. Placing your order, you set a certain timeframe for a writer and you get the final paper accordingly. Still, it is possible to get the paper with a shortened deadline although that change will require a certain compensation to make up for the price difference between two urgencies. If you need to get the deadline of your order changed, you can contact us on live chat to get the compensation estimated and covered by an additional order. 


  • I am tired of the message ‘loading’ on my screen. I cannot fill out the order form as it keeps freezing. What should I do to proceed?

    Most probably, the problem is caused by large-size files you are trying to attach. Most probably, a huge file cannot go through. The fastest and easiest way out of the situation is to place the order with no files attached. Provided that you succeed, you can either email the files to the customer support team or attach them from your account.

  • I have already finalized the transaction, but I still keep getting a message that my payment is due.

    First of all, you have to check whether a receipt was emailed to you. If it is not in the inbox folder, check the Trash and Spam folders as well. If you have received it, forward it to us; if you have not, kindly check on the charge in the bank statement. A representative of our Financial Department can check on the screenshots of the bank statements; so, send them to have your payment tracked. In case there is neither a receipt in your email nor a bank statement charge, it means that there has been no payment yet. Thus, you need to change the device or at least a web browser and make another attempt to pay. If it is unsuccessful, you can also try using another card or company of processing payments.

  • How can I know that my paper was edited?

    We provide our customers with additional VIP services, which allow them to enjoy a few extra privileges. One of these privileges is “Get the order proofread by an editor.” All you need to do is just click on the VIP service you need and it will be added to the final price of your order. By ordering this service, you can be sure that your paper will be proofread.

  • How can I know that the writer is working on my order?

    This information is visible in your personal account. The status “Payment verification” means that your payment didn`t go through. In this case, you will need to click on the “Pay now” button to proceed with the order payment. The status “Processing” means that the order is assigned to an appropriate writer and they have already started working on it. If you see that the status is “Completed/Sent,” it means that you can download your paper because it is ready.

  • How can I request a revision?

    You can ask us for making free amendments within a certain period (from 48 hours to 30 days depending on the type of your order). To send a revision request directly to the writer, you will need to go to My orders - Completed orders. Then, you need to find the correct order ID and select the Revision option. When you send the paper on revision, make sure to provide clear and detailed instructions. If you have any difficulties with doing this, you should address our support managers.

  • Can I receive a draft?

    Yes, sure. You can order a 1-page draft to your order. Please, note that this option requires additional payment. Your draft will be available to you after 50% of the deadline allocated.

  • I have some problems with submitting the order form. The page does not update. What should I do?

    Most probably, you are trying to attach a file that is too big. Because of our size restrictions, an order form cannot be submitted. Please, contact our support managers and ask them to attach your files.

  • How fast can my order be completed?

    It is up to you to decide what deadline to impose on your assignment (3 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, etc.). Our writers always strive to complete orders on time. Therefore, you can be sure that your assignment will be delivered to you according to the deadline mentioned in the order form.

  • Is it secure to order essays at EssaysWorld.net?

    It is absolutely safe to use the services provided by EssaysWorld.net, as we cooperate with such a trustworthy company as Bluesnap. Thus, all financial transactions are managed properly. Note that about 1 million of users provide payments through the mentioned company every month. The SSL encryption system is considered a leading one in processing credit card information. Nowadays, all respectable online agencies use the SSL encryption.

  • Is it lawfully to purchase papers from your agency?

    It is ok to buy academic papers from our company. We produce different pieces of writing that can be used for research purpose.
  • Do you offer fully customized papers?

    We provide only custom papers written from scratch. We guarantee that our writers do not plagiarize, as they know it is against our policy. Moreover, each piece of writing is checked by the modern anti-plagiarism detection system to make sure it is original.

  • Do you hire experienced writers?

    You can rest assured that your paper will be created by a professional writer specializing in the respective field of study. Our specialists have excellent education and remarkable writing and research skills. They can carry out even the most complicated writing projects in different disciplines such as Philology, Mathematics, Sociology, Biology, Management, Marketing, Business, etc. Be completely confident that your assignment will be done according to your instructions.

  • Do you use secure payment methods?

    Since we cooperate with Bluesnap, a famous solid payment provider, all financial transactions are managed securely. We would like to emphasize that we never share customers’ financial information with anyone. Clients’ credit card data is kept safe while processing and is never shared with anyone.

  • How do your writers format academic papers?

    When creating academic papers, our writers always format them appropriately. The piece of writing you order from us can be organized in any format i.e. MLA, Turabian, Chicago, APA or any other. Each work is arranged in the following way: 300 words per page, double-spacing, 1-inch margins on all sides, Times New Roman, 12 pt. However, if your formatting instructions differ from the ones mentioned above, be sure your paper will be organized in the right way by strictly following your guidelines.

  • What types of papers do you provide?

    Our team can help you handle any type of order. We specialize in writing academic papers in a number of subjects such as Chemistry, Arts, Literature, Law, Accounting, History, etc.
  • Does your company follow any anti-plagiarism policy?

    Every piece of writing your order from us is checked for authenticity by up-to-date plagiarism detection software. Be certain that your work will be completely original.
  • How can I reach your agency in case of problems with my order?

    You welcome to visit the “Contacts us” page where you will find all our contact details.
  • Does your agency provide refunds?

    It should be admitted that about 96% of our customers consider our services excellent. Our team members always try hard to provide our clients with the papers meeting their requirements. However, if it happens that your assignment is completed inappropriately, i.e. by ignoring your instructions, you can apply for a free revision within 2 days (for 1-19 page papers) and 30 days (for 20+ page assignments) after order completion. Note that your revision instructions should not contradict the initial ones. In case you think that the corrected work still does not meet your specifications or contains any copied material, you are free to ask for a refund. The time frame for submitting a refund request is 14 days after the paper delivery. Refunds relating to plagiarism are not time-restricted. Nevertheless, you need to send us a credible plagiarism report proving your paper is plagiarized. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


  • What services does your company provide?

    Essaysworld.net provides quality writing services for students across the globe. Here, one can order such academic papers as essays, research papers, movie/book reviews, presentations, reports and others. Our professional writers are ready to help students of different academic levels with their assignments. When working on clients’ projects, our specialists always undertake groundbreaking research to cover each subject objectively. As to our prices, you will find them quite reasonable. The order price depends on four main factors such as the set time frame, type of order, word count, and educational level.

  • Can you assign a writer to my paper as fast as possible?

    We always make sure that there is no delay with assigning writers. Typically, it does not take more than several minutes or hours. For sure, it may happen that a complex nature of the paper, an extremely urgent assignment, or unavailability of writers for work can serve as the factors that may require some extra time for finding a proper writer.
  • How will you notify me about my order?

    If there is any change in the order status, you will get an automatic email with all the details on the actions. Thus, you may check your account or receive phone calls, system messages, or SMS notifications.
  • When can I see my paper?

    You are the person who identifies the deadline for every order. We deliver papers in strict accordance with the deadline you set. The countdown starts only after the verification of your payment. Be careful while choosing the order urgency as your selected deadline will be followed really strictly. Thus, a 1-day order will be sent to you exactly 24 hours after the verification of your payment.
  • Where do I need to go to find my uploaded order?

    After the deadline expires, you can get a completed assignment in your personal account. Open the list of Processing or Completed orders and find your ready paper in the section “Files”.
  • I cannot resolve issues with payments. Could you please assist?

    We are not the party that is in charge of customers’ payments. It means we do not do that directly. Nevertheless, we can give you some hints on how you can tackle the problems. Try some other methods of payment or debit or credit card. It may happen that at this stage, you can get a solution to your payment problems. If that does not help, you can get another device or browser to try again. Check more details and information from the Customer Support Team of our agency.
  • If I need my paper immediately but the deadline is not over yet, can I get it right now?

    One of our strict rules is to respect every deadline. Thus, our customers select the needed urgency, which is one of the factors that change the order price and the salary for an assigned writer and an editor. So, please note that it is unfair to send a request either to a writer or an editor to submit the paper before the deadline.
  • You want to know my phone number. Can I disregard your request to provide it?

    For sure, we cannot make you provide us all the personal details we need. Still, having your phone number and email is a great solution that makes the writing process smoother and communication between the customer and the writer much better. In some cases, urgent explanations and clarifications may be required as well.
  • What about the privacy? Should I get worried about potential sharing of my personal or financial details?

    Our Privacy Policy is transparent and honest. Both our writers and our customers share their personal details with us. We hold responsibility to ensure their confidentiality and security. The writers do not have access to any details about the customers. Thus, if you need to let the writer know about your gender or school you study at, you have to send a message to the writer with an update. We try our best to prevent all kinds of privacy issues letting the customers get no personal information about our writers.
  • Can I be confident that you are honest? I need to be absolutely sure that the assignment is original.

    We work in the field that requires only original and supreme quality writing. You download the paper after it has been checked via one of the latest checkers to make sure it is authentic.
  • Can I communicate with the writer? How can I do that?

    Owing to the benefits of our corporate policy, any customer may send messages to the writers from the personal account. In case you do not want to use this option, you can always get clarifications from the support agents and ask them to deliver your message to the writer.