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If you want to get a professionally written concept map, you should definitely contact us and say: “Make my concept map!” It will be a pleasure for us to help you with this assignment. During the academic life, students are supposed to obtain new knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be useful for them in their future work. It is often important to visualize the ways in how this information will be used. Concept mapping is one of the methods to do it effectively, alongside such methods as tables, flow charts, diagrams, etc. This form of writing is used to help students understand the materials they learn better, as well as to establish connections between different concepts. Moreover, this tool is also useful because it helps students save time for memorizing new information. Professors also use this tool to check how good students understand the material learned, how well they understand the subject, and whether there are areas for improvement. As a result, a concept map assignment is a task students often get during their academic life. Considering the complexity of this assignment, many students fail to do it properly. Besides, some students find it difficult to understand the nature of this assignment and the way it should be completed. As a result, we offer our clients online writing concept maps services, which will help you get the paper you need.

Let Us Present the History and Concept Map Definition

The History and concept map definition is to be learned before doing this assignment. They will help understand the essence of the task better and comprehend it in full. The history of the concept map dates back to 1972. A scientist from Cornell University, Joseph Novak, and his team conducted research to understand how students learn new information and realized that interview transcript were not enough for students to understand the scientific concept to the fullest. As a result of their research, they made a presentation of a concept map.

The mapping may be presented in different forms. For instance, after reading about concept maps online, you can find other articles that speak about the topic maps or mind maps. Without a doubt, this information can be confusing but you should remember that all these types of maps are not identical. Here is where you can find out more about it – Go here.

Mind Maps and Concept Maps Different

A research concept map is a tool used for understanding and learning scientific concepts.

When to use it?

The maps can be used in different situations:

  • To boost the learning process. Concept mapping is best for creating visual connections between already obtained and new knowledge and for motivating students to use their critical thinking.
  • To evaluate student’s skills and knowledge. The concept maps help evaluate how good students are aware of class materials and concepts.
  • To help create new business strategies. Concept maps help to share different ideas and develop strategic business plans.
  • To present and explain research results. In this case, the maps help summarize a great amount of information without losing its key meaning.
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Why is it important to create concept maps?

When you create a concept map, you get a number of benefits that help you improve your academic performance. Some of these benefits include the following:

  1. Brainstorming. Concept map writing entails generating ideas about a concept. In such a way, a different understanding of it will emerge. This activity is important for writing assignments that require expressing the student’s personal opinion.
  2. Learning of new concepts. The learning process is always complex. However, concept maps assist students in learning and obtaining new information. Different concepts can be integrated into it to trace and establish new connections between them. This activity is also used for training analytical skills in students.
  3. Improved communication. Considering the fact that mapping requires students to share their ideas and explaining the concepts, this activity also boosts communication and leads to its improvement. On the contrary, enhanced communication also leads to better comprehension and understanding of new information.
  4. Integration. In addition to learning new material, concept map writing is also closely connected with utilizing the already existing knowledge. It creates a bridge between new and old concepts and helps to bind them together.
  5. Obtaining new knowledge. Considering that creating concept maps is connected with work on old and new materials, students receive a good chance to learn something new and use it in practice, which is very beneficial for personal development.
  6. Evaluation. Evaluation is a core component of mapping. It is necessary to master this skill if you want to succeed in writing concept map. Evaluation is important for obtaining proper results and for a better understanding of different processes. Besides, evaluation skills can also be useful in future careers for making effective decisions.

Still, the concept map writing process is very important not only for comprehending and learning new information but for self-development in general. It helps to enhance knowledge and develop critical skills that will be useful in future careers. However, in addition to the long-term benefits of the process, short-term advantages include enhanced skills of fact retention and information comprehension.

As you can see from the information above, the task of creating concept maps may be difficult and you will not always be able to deal with it on your own. As a result, our writing service is a good way to get the task done. Still, if you want to try to complete the assignment on your own, the following information will provide you with tips on different types of mapping.

Diverse Types of Concept Mapping

Depending on a specific case, you can choose to create one of the following types of concept mapping:

1. Spider mapping.

One of the easiest ways to create a concept map is to create spider mapping. It is done by placing the central concept in the center of the map with other ideas and concepts coming out of it in different directions. This mapping type is easy to understand and create.

2. Flow charts.

This mapping utilizes the linear format for information presentation.

3. System mapping.

If you are looking for the most detailed and thorough way of presenting information through mapping, this type is for you. It is normally presented in the form of flow charts but with the possibility to make additional inputs.

4. Hierarchy mapping.

If you check any online concept maps of the hierarchy type, you will see that it is used to provide information according to its priority. This mapping type is used to provide the most general information on top of the map and move down to the most specific data.

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