Terms and Conditions


Requesting a Refund

  1. Clients can ask for a refund during the period of two weeks after the time limit of the order completion ends. In case a client finds plagiarism in a paper, he or she can ask for a refund at any time. In this case, in order to be eligible for a refund, a client must prove that our writer indeed used unoriginal content. The following Internet plagiarism search resources are deemed to be trustworthy: WriteCheck, Turnitin, and iThenticate. However, some elements of writing are usually not counted as plagiarism, such as the information that is taken from different sources and properly cited, or the text of the task itself if it is presented in the paper. For example, SafeAssign.com is not a trustworthy website since it often identifies citations as unoriginal content. We do not accept other proofs besides legitimate plagiarism reports.
  2. We are not amenable for any unoriginal content found in the materials provided by clients. We arw responsible for the parts of the ext composed by our employees.
  3. We have a special team that deals with complaints and refund requests. Our staff analyze each situation independently and make decisions based on various factors. In case a client is right and his or her arguments are valid, we return all (or, in certain cases, part of) the money back to a client. We usually inform clients about our decision in three to four working days.

 The Rules of Requesting Revisions

  1. All our clients are eligible to a costless revision for two days after the time limit of the order completion ends. If clients decide to ask for a revision later, they need to place a compensation order. However, a client is not eligible for a refund if our writer already revised a paper free of charge.
  2. If a client ordered a work that is twenty or more pages, he or she is eligible for a revision for a month after the time limit of the order completion ends.
  3. In case clients alter some of the initial requirements, they are no longer eligible for a costless revision. Our support staff will inform a client that he/she ought to remunerate our writer in case he/she sends vital requirements only after the writer sends the completed paper or while the writer is still in the process of writing.
  4. A client must establish a fresh time limit and provide relevant information regarding what should be changed in the paper in case he/she wishes to be eligible for a costless revision again. If an assignment is difficult, it might take our staff one day to provide a quality revision. In any case, we will do our best to revise the paper in a timely manner.
  5. Any important messages from our support agents or writers will be forwarded to a client’s account. Sometimes, clients just forget to send us the necessary instructions. Thus, they must make sure they enclose all the instructions and relevant information when placing an order. 
  6. Only for thirty percent of the final order cost, customers can sign up for the “Extended Revision” service. This alternative prolongs the time when customers can request a costless revision from the standard two days to fourteen days. Nevertheless, customer may not provide additional or new requirements. Clients do not receive the fee paid for the aforementioned service in case it is not used.

100% Refunds

  1. We return all money in case clients mistakenly ordered the same order twice, or if more money was received due to some reason. If a similar situation happened to you, you need to address our support staff at once in order to abolish an order.
  2.  Besides, we return all money if our company fails to find a competent writer.
  3. Clients must not utilize the works our employees wrote for personal gain if our website granted a full refund.

 Limited Refund

  1. In case a client mistakenly ordered more pages than needed when making an order, our company returns the sum of money that is based on the number of pages a client erroneously ordered.
  2. Our company’s refund managers may reduce the sum of a refund if clients indicated a wrong writing level (for example, Undergraduate instead of PhD).
  3. Our refund agents will also determine the degree of a refund in a situation where clients sent our writers confusing requirements.
  4. Clients are eligible for the following refunds in case they need to abolish an order that is already being written by our staff.

 Refund percentage

Refund percentage Passed deadline
50% 60%+ of the deadline
60% 50-59% of the deadline
70% 40-49% of the deadline
80% 30-39% of the deadline
90% 20-29% of the deadline
100% 10-19% of the deadline


*According to the policy of our company, if we already found a writer and thirty percent of the established time limit expired, an order can already not be abolished. Besides, an order cannot be abolished if a writer composed a paper and sent it to a client’s profile.

Delayed Personality Identification

  1. If our agents are unable to reach clients and, consequently, fail to conduct a timely verification of their personality in an attempt to prevent knavery, the time limit for the accomplishment of the order will start as soon as our staff obtains all necessary details. As a result, a client would have to prolong the time limit. Alternatively, a client could remunerate a writer for undertaking a hot order.

Word Count Rules and Policies

  1. According to the policy of our company, 300 words constitute one page. In papers with tables and equations, the aforementioned standard is ignored. Our writing staff will determine the cost of such a paper according to the difficulty of an assignment. 
  2. When ordering a PowerPoint Presentation, speaker notes are regarded as an additional service and must be paid separately. Speaker notes constitute 100 to 150 words per one slide.
  3. When ordering online tests or “multiple choice” assignments, the cost of five questions is equal to that of one page. For instance, a client must pay for six pages if assignment contains thirty questions.

 Rules Regarding Delivery

  1. Early delivery is an additional service. In case clients need their papers to be sent to them before deadline expiration, they need to place a compensation order to remunerate writers based on urgency. In a situation where a writer does not mind sending a paper before deadline free of charge, a client cannot request a refund later.
  2. We may return a certain amount of money if our writer sent a paper after deadline expiration. Our company’s refund manager will determine the amount of money for return. 

 Kind of Assignment

  1. Clients need to select the desired kind of assignment, like term paper or research proposal, when placing orders. Our company is not obliged to return any money to clients if we did not get paid for the ordered services.
  2. A “Rewriting” task presupposes that our writer will paraphrase the text provide by the customer. However, clients must remunerate writers if they want our employees to conduct an extra investigation, refer to certain works, or substantially alter or even add parts of text.
  3. Our clients should always pay attention to any notifications and read all messages that may come from our writers or agents. We will deliver quality papers on time if we have an opportunity to clarify all order details.

     All Tips Are Non-Refundable


The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.