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Grade Calculator Instructions

With the help of weighted grade calculator, you could identify your final mark. You could not only calculate average grade but also determine how far you are from your wanted final grade.
  1. Look through the syllabus given to you by your professor and find information on how many points each assignment is worth and what kind of grading scale you have
  2. Fill in the grades (that are put either in letters or numbers)
  3. Enter the percentage weight of each task
  4. Repeat the same procedure for each and every subject

How does the amazing grade calculator work?

All the calculations done within the scope of the weighted average grade calculator are fairly simple so that they can easily answer your “What do I need on my final” question. You must have already known the well-known formula of finding the average mark: you need to make a total of all grades and then divide this sum into the number of grades you have. According to the new approach, however, you need to multiply each grade by weight and afterward produce a total of them and divide into the total number of credits (i.e. weight) as given in the example below:

Weighted Average = ( Grade1 * Weight1 + Grade2 * Weight2 + … + …) / (Weight1 + Weight2 + … + …)

College Grade Calculator Help

With the assistance of our calculator, you will be able to work out your average score in a faster and easier way. You will be able to track your progress across modules and the degree you are obtaining. Being aware of your current score will help you know how much effort you need to put in to obtain the desired score.

Every educational institution determines degree classifications in different ways. As such, our semester calculator has been specifically designed to help you quickly determine your grades and know how many more points you can earn throughout the course.

The test grade calculator will provide you with the average you’ve got so far. In case you already have some records of marks, you can determine which impact they will have on your final results.

Important Notes

Even though the weighted average calculator is mainly used to provide calculations of the general average grade of courses for the semester that do not have a permanent weight in regards to credits, the actual way of calculating can be applied to any group of grades even if they are not weighted in a different way. As such, it means that you are free to calculate the weighted average grade of the assignments you get, subjects, or even various semester years.


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