Novel Services Added

Progressive Delivery

Recently we have introduced a new service “Progressive Delivery.” This service is aimed at helping our customers to manage 10+ single spaced and 20+ double spaced papers. 

Advantages of Progressive Delivery:

Free revisions within the 30-days period (an average paper is to be revised within 2 days only).

The process of paper writing can be monitored by our customers. We usually send the papers in drafts or parts before the set deadline to customers for approval. 

Highly experienced professionals in the field of academic writing are employed by our company. 

A skilled manager will monitor the process of communication between our writers and our customers.

Draft Delivery:

- If the paper urgency is 4 days or less – our company delivers only 1 draft within 50% of its deadline. For instance, if the paper is to be ready within 2 days, a draft is usually to be sent in 1 day. Please consider that the draft should comprise 25% of the ordered paper. For instance, if the paper consists of 20 pages, a 5-page draft will be delivered.

If the paper urgency is 5-11 days – 2 drafts are completed within 25% and 50% of the order deadline in the 25% and 50% of the paper volume.

- If the paper urgency is 12+ days– 3 drafts are completed within 25%, 50% and 75% of the deadline of the paper ordered in the same percentage volume – 25%, 50% and 75% respectively.

Price: +15% only are added to the sum of the order.

*Unlike other online writing companies, we do pay a lot of attention to our customers’ wishes, as well as needs. Please consider that each customer is treated in a unique way. If there are any problems, our staff will always be at customers’ disposal. 

Short Orders (Less than 20 Pages)

Summary Service

A 1-page summary is one of our numerous services. When our customers order this service, they get a 1-page summary of the most significant points highlighted in the paper. The following service can be used by those who are supposed to prepare a report on the topic or the problem under study. 


Our company provides a 1-page draft service for short orders. A draft usually comprises 300 words, if it is double-spaced or 600 words if it is single-spaced. A draft is to be delivered to our customers after 50% of the deadline given expires. Consider the example: if the paper urgency is 4 days, our customers get their draft in 2-days.

Extended Revision

Each order can be revised within 48 hours from the moment of its delivery to our customers. A revision time can be extended up to 14 days.  


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