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Our Affiliate Program

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Our company belongs to the group of top leaders in the writing industry. We attribute our success not only to the high quality of our writing and editing services but also to our well-thought-out customer services that result in fruitful cooperation with the clientele. The continuous growth of our customer base signifies that we are moving in the right direction, so now we want to reward everyone who chooses our company when searching for writing services. For this reason, we have started a brilliant affiliate program that helps our customers become richer. We think about your academic success and about your future, so we offer you a program that will help you rip off endless benefits as our client.

For those of you who are still thinking about becoming our client, we recommend taking into consideration our affiliate program which allows our customers to not only receive the writing help they have been searching for but also earn money for recommending our company to other people interested in our services, for example, to your friends, relatives, classmates, etc. So you have an opportunity to help your friends find good writing services and earn money while doing this.

Our Company Offers Bonuses to You and Your Referrals:

  • You will get a 10%bonus each time your referral orders something on our website.
  • Every person you invite to our website will get 17% off the price of their 1 st order!

How to Get Your Bonuses

  • Go to our website and sign into your account.
  • Open the ‘Affiliate Program’ section to find a unique promo code, an email sending form*, and a referral link to send to your friends.
  • Share the link with the friends you would like to invite to our website.
  • When clicking on the link or using the promo code, your fiends will be forwarded to our order page.
  • Our system will remember all clients that come to our website by activating your link.
  • The special discount will be calculated automatically when your friends make their first order on

*The field entitled ‘My friends’ emails’ is the field where you should indicate the emails of your referrals. These emails will be automatically associated with your referral link so that your friends could receive a detailed explanation of what services we offer and how to use them as well as other important information from our company.

How Can Our Affiliate Program Help Students?

The central concept of our affiliate program is that you can earn bonuses every time you recommend to people you know after they purchase something on our website. The bonuses will be stored in your account and you can use them to pay for your own papers. This program is very convenient because you can use both the bonuses and money to pay for some orders if there are not enough bonuses to cover the price.

But this is not all – since these earnings belong to you, you can use them however you want. You can pay for your orders with bonuses!

With our affiliate program, you can now save your time and efforts as well as earn money by using our services! Start enjoying all benefits now!