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Women and the American Revolution

“Women and the American Revolution” by Wendy Martin

“Women and the American Revolution” is an article written by Wendy Martin where the author describes the hardship of women’s lives and their constant struggles against difficulties during the American Revolution. Martin shows the importance of women during the war and their significant role in the American Revolution. The main idea of the article that the author is willing to highlight is the role of women during the war, as well as their feelings.

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Despite all the hardships of life, women had to become stronger and play both the roles of a man and a woman. The author shows how the period of the war changes society, especially the role of women. Women were extremely limited in many aspects of life, however, they had to face the same hardships as men. In addition to their limitation of rights, they had to survive in an extremely cruel man world during the hardest period of history. The article is an extremely important article as the author shows that women’s role during the American Revolution was not passive as they also made a significant contribution during the war. “Women and the American Revolution” describes various dramatic events during the war and the consequences of the American Revolution.

The author brings the real facts and examples through the letters of women, articles from newspapers, and various novels. In addition, there are quotes of Abigail Adams’ letters dedicated to her husband when he was away from home during the war. In this letter, it is possible to see the struggle of a weak woman against the hardships of the war. Because of these letters, a reader can feel a real connection with those women. In addition, it is possible to feel those emotions that women felt during that time. Furthermore, the letters of those women especially reflect the reality of that time and the hardship of their destiny (Martin, 1976).

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The main strengths of the article are seen in the resources which the author provides the readers. The letters of women explain the real events that happened during that period of time. For example, some women told their stories where their children were violently murdered by the Indians. In these letters, they described their grief and pain when it was happening and the possibility to feel what they felt makes the reader become closer to the author. In addition, these examples take the reader to the past and vividly show the events in detail as every story is personal and was never written in any of the sources.

The weakness of the article can be referred to as such an issue as an explanation of all those dramatic events in a realistic way. Sometimes it is difficult to read the article because of its depiction of violence, which is seen in many events that are described in a detailed and realistic way.

In conclusion, “Women and the American Revolution” is one of the most significant articles of Wendy Martin that reflected the situation in which American women lived during the American Revolution. The author proves that women did not play passive roles during the war, but exerted a profound influence on the history of their country. Moreover, the author also uses various resources like letters or articles to support the argument with evidence of those events. This approach makes the readers be more connected with the storytellers and shows them the reality of the past with all its tragic events. The article describes the grief and struggle of American women during that period of time and proves that women can face any struggle of life.


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