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Analysis the Cultural Identity in Stowe's Novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Oct 28, 2018

From first sight, the memory may seem something personal, but a closer look shows that it is formed by collective experience. Nevertheless, cultural memory should be illustrated in certain literary or visual ways in order to be accessible to future generations.

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Lessons of History

Oct 25, 2018

Each nation of the world has its own past and present. It has been considered significant to discover the way of life of one’s ancestors from the earliest times. The interest in history is scarce to be explained only by human curiosity.

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The History of Windmills

Oct 5, 2018

In all ages people looked for ways to use the wind power as it was always in one range with the animal and waterpower.

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Texas Politics

Apr 19, 2018

Although de jure there are multiple political parties in the USA, de facto only two of them have influence on the life of the country at the national level. They are the Republican and the Democratic Parties.

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United Nations and U.S. Military Intervention

Apr 6, 2018

The political relations between the USA and the UN have always been fluctuating. After the collapse of the USSR, the country’s influence and involvement in the organization increased, as well as its role in UN peacekeeping operations.

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Indigenism in the Mexican Mural Movement of the 1920s

Apr 5, 2018

The Mexican Mural movement started in the political scope of post-revolutionary Mexico in 1921. Indigenism has survived through all phases of Latin American history, conceived and raised by Catholic priests during the colonial period.

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