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Enjoy an Extended Free Revision Period

At present, finding the agencies offering assistance with writing projects is a piece of cake.  The Net is full of companies providing writing services. Each of them promises to give its customers nothing but expert writing help as they understand that students want to cooperate with true professionals. The companies caring of their reputation, employ native English-speaking staff.

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We realize that our clients may need to revise their papers to be satisfied with the result. That is why we have introduced a superior option by using which our customers will be able to enjoy an extended free revision period.

Usually, free revisions are made within 48 hours after the deadline expiration. If within this time frame, a client detects some inconsistencies while scanning the received paper, they have an opportunity to request the writer to improve the text for free. As a result, they save both their time and money and obtain impeccable work.

We never reject our customers’ requests for revisions and our writers are always ready to improve the texts to provide our clients with the projects satisfying their expectations. Besides, we have designed an excellent VIP package that includes a VIP revision.

It is worth emphasizing that the revisions requested within a 2-day period after the assignment delivery are done for free, while those requested after the indicated time frame are made at an extra cost. If one desires to get an extended revision, they should press the respective button available in their personal online account. We can broaden the revision period if it is allowed by the initial deadline.

The period for a revision can be extended up to 48 hours more!

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Order it in Advance and Enjoy Your Sweet Savings!

If you have a complicated task at hand, the best solution is to pick a 2+ day turnaround.

If your writing project can wait a couple of days, it is great. Otherwise, you should order your paper beforehand to be able to enjoy an extended revision. The latest statistics indicate that about 70% of our clients ask for an essay revision service after the 2-day period after the due date expires.

If you check an extended revision box when submitting your order, you can be sure that your work will be revised without any delays and extra fees. Moreover, this option will save you about 75%.

In case of an emergency, you should contact our support team and order an extended revision.

Keep in mind that if your request for a free paper revision service is submitted after the period allowed for free revisions and/or includes new or additional requirements, it will be rejected. If you still want your writing project to be revised, you should either submit a new order or tell our support agents that you want to ask for a revision with new order guidelines. In this case,  you are supposed to pay extra fees.

We have great news for you! You can order our superior VIP package and get an opportunity to enjoy an extended free revision period! Now you have 4 days to get your professional writing amended for free unless your paper instructions are changed.

What Information should Be Provided to My Revision Assistant?

Any feedback clearly highlighting the points that have to be improved. Any suggestions, remarks, or comments are also accepted.


It is essential to impose a new deadline. Note that in the case of complex writing projects, our specialists may need 24 hours to make a proper revision. Regardless, we will strive mightily to complete a revision on time.


The files related to a revision can be provided as well. For example, you may attach your completed paper with detailed comments for your writer.


If you want to ensure that your work is written logically and clearly, ponder over choosing an option guaranteeing you an extended free revision period.

We are aimed at providing our clients with substantial academic help. That is why we offer a free revision of papers within a period of 2 days after the imposed deadline expires. In addition to that our customers have a wonderful opportunity to get the period of free revisions extended from 48 hours to 4 days after the deadline by paying just 25% of the full price. Thus, in case of some issues with your writing projects, contact us, and expect to be provided with exceptional services.


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