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Professional Proofreading by an Editor

Proofreading is the process during which a piece of writing is reviewed for grammar, clarity, spelling, accuracy, formatting, and punctuation. It is worth admitting that proofreading is very useful as it helps one to ensure that the writing project meets the established standards of quality.

Proofreading by an editor means detecting both major and minor errors that were omitted at the stage of editing. The key function of a proofreading expert is to make certain that the final version of a specific piece of writing does not contain any grammar errors (e.g. the correlation between subjects and predicate, inappropriate choice of words, wrong position of punctuation marks, improper spelling, etc.). Additionally, proofreaders pay close attention to formatting and typos. They ensure that the paper they are reviewing is arranged in compliance with the instructions of the indicated format.

Proofreading by an Editor Specializing in Your Area

We know that our writers submit top-quality papers, but extra proofreading is always useful. The members of our editing team always scrutinize papers carefully to ensure they are written according to the provided instructions and do not include any mistakes.

Take a look at the list compiled below to see what paper aspects are checked by our editors:

Spelling mistakes
The use of commas, semicolons, and other punctuation marks
The use of homonyms, e.g. where – were, too – to, etc.
The use of apostrophes and quotation marks
Double spaces, namely after full stops

Some students think that there is nothing complicated in proofreading texts and even their friends, relatives, or some computer applications can handle the task properly. Nevertheless, the work of a qualified editor can not be underestimated. When cooperating with true professionals, you can be sure that the quality of your papers will be high.

An experienced editor is aware of all peculiarities of the English language and the intricacies of writing. Moreover, owing to their expertise, they can quickly spot mistakes and correct them. Additionally, trained editors are able to identify the terms that are used in a wrong meaning, improper formatting, and spelling.

Such thing as proofreading by an editor is essential for any kind of writing, e.g. business or academic papers, books, articles, etc. as it helps make the author’s ideas understandable and the key message clear. It is known that comprehensible text is the one that does not include grammar, spelling, or any other errors or inconsistencies that can misrepresent the provided information and ruin the author’s image.

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If you cooperate with us, you will get a great opportunity to enjoy such an option as additional proofreading. Before making a decision whether to use our VIP services or not,  let us to explain you how our papers are written. First, the order is assigned to the writer competent in a specific subject. When creating a paper, the writer follows the directions provided by the client. Second, the paper is sent to one of our editors to make sure it is perfect in terms of grammar and other issues. If you are our VIP customer, you have an opportunity to get your papers edited by the most professional specialists. We do recommend you choose the option of extra editing and forget about doing this arduous task on your own.

You should know that editing is not solely focused on correcting mistakes. We believe that you do want to make your writing project perfect in all terms, don’t you? If the answer is “Yes,” you should also pay close attention to the lengthy sentences as they may be unclear. Additionally, you need to mind the tone of writing. It means that the sentences in your paper should be of a different length. Scan your text for repetitions and useless information.

No matter what the kind of your writing project is, our experts are always ready to help you make it impeccable. They can proofread your paper so that you are sure it meets the professor’s demands and expectations. They will help you improve your grammar, syntax, and other aspects making your work outstanding.

If you make up your mind to order a proofreading service from us, you will get valuable assistance from one of our ingenious specialists. You can be confident of receiving the paper deserving a top grade.



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