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SMS Notifications Allow You to Track Your Custom Writing Orders provides client-centered services and works non-stop to make them convenient for you. We use the most effective channels of communication to give our clients quick updates and get in touch with them fast. Even though the internet has become the core of communication in the modern world offering people globally an incredible opportunity for networking, SMS Notifications remain essential in business-to-client relations. We have included this convenient service in our VIP package to enable you to track your custom writing orders and make your experience of using our website carefree.

If you would like to use this option, provide your valid phone number on the order page to receive premium order tracking services, which include:

  1. Payment verification update
  2. SMS when we assign a writer to your order
  3. An update when your order is being checked by an editor
  4. A notification when your order is ready.

What is an SMS Notification?

SMS means ‘short message service’. The service was widely popular in pre-social media era, but nowadays it is mostly used by companies as a way to inform their clients about exciting offers, new services, etc. In our company, we use SMS Notifications to inform our privileged customers about the status of their order. As you track your custom writing orders, you will not be exposed to spam or useless messages. Our notifications are always brief and informative, because we value our customers’ time. 

The Benefits of SMS Notifications in Business-to-Customer Communication

You must be wondering why SMS remain so popular in the modern business world. The answer is simple – they offer a wide range of benefits both for business and clients, including:

  • You will get an SMS about your order status no matter where you are. This means that you do not need to have a stable internet connection because mobile network is available virtually everywhere. If you are visiting a remote place or live abroad and want to check the status of your order, there is no need for you to contact our company via email. We will send you and SMS with updates as soon as the status of your order is changed.
  • Even though most people own cellphones these days, some of our clients do not use them for various reasons. This means that they cannot access their email if they are away from their laptop, but they still can receive SMS notifications. So, if you do not have a cellphone but want to track your custom writing orders, this option is for you!
  • Nowadays, we have good internet connection most of the time, yet we know that there might be unpleasant ‘surprises’, especially when something urgent comes up. Luckily, you can receive an SMS even if you do not have access to the internet. We will get in touch with you whether your internet is on or not.
  • You do not need much memory on your phone to store an SMS, so you do not have to delete your messages up until the order is completed and you downloaded it from our website.
  • There is a distinct connection between SMS notifications and customers’ loyalty. This probably happens because a notification about an order status serves as a reminder to a client that they are dealing with a trustworthy company and their order is in good hands. Our clients are busy people, and upon receiving an SMS form us, they understand that we are taking care of their paper and they have nothing to worry about. So this type of communication enhances our company image and contributes to customer satisfaction.
  • SMS notifications guarantee that you will not receive spam, which, along with software glitches and viruses, has become the most annoying issue of email users. Our SMS notifications are brief and to-the-point. 

What You Get from SMS Notifications in VIP services

When customers order our VIP services, they get the following benefits of SMS notifications:

  1.  An update when the order payment is verified.
  2. A notification when an order is assigned to one of our authors.
  3. An update when the order is written and is passed over to the editorial department.
  4. A notification when both the writing and editorial departments have completed their work.
  5. An SMS notification in case there is a change in the order deadline.

Why we recommend using SMS notifications? Because you can track your custom writing orders and be reassured that you are using reliable and transparent services. Regular updates enhance customer satisfaction both when the writing process is ongoing and after it is completed.  


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