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Academic writing is complicated because in addition to good writing skills, it calls for strong research and analytical thinking skills. In our team, all writers possess remarkable skills necessary to create professional academic papers.

Nevertheless, we have introduced a top 10 writers option as an element of our VIP services package, which enables our clients to choose the most experienced and top-rated writers for their papers.

We regularly evaluate our writers’ performance and skills, and those with excellent results are allowed to work on papers for our VIP clients. Note that our top resume writers and top 10 executive resume writers are also at your service. As you communicate with our professional writers, you will notice that they demonstrate high academic proficiency and possess extensive expertise in your subject area.

All professional essay writers in our team are experienced and dedicated to their work. You can see it yourself once we assign a writer to your order and you will be able to communicate with them directly.

We hire only professional academic writers, which means that it is not easy to choose to 10 experts among them. To do this, we use strict criteria and take into consideration their performance rating. Only writers with the overall grade 97% or higher are allowed to work on VIP orders.

We guarantee the highest professionalism of our authors because they are hired according to the following criteria:

  • a vast professional background;
  • academic qualification;
  • perfect English;
  • exceptional performance;
  • high test results;
  • knowledge of academic writing and citation styles.

Only writers that meet all of these criteria can join our team, so we guarantee that there are the best academic writers at

Our Hiring Process

It goes without saying that our clients expect their papers to be of the highest, which is why we have a complex hiring process to makes sure that all candidates are sufficiently trained and possess the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with all papers perfectly well.

There are many professional writers for hire, but we guarantee that our team consists of the best experts in the industry. Have a look at what our applicants have to do to be hired and you will understand why the quality of our services is so high:

  1. Registration

A writer has to fill in the registration form, where they specify their academic background, job-related experience, and describe their approach to work. If upon reviewing their profiles, our HR managers notice inadequate information, the candidates are discarded. Only up to 62% of candidates proceed to the next stage.

  1. Test on Writing

All applicants have to pass a complex time-limited test. The test consists of various questions that allow us to select the most successful academic writers.

We want only skilled experts with an excellent command of language to be on our team, and this test was designed to choose such employees. At this point, the number of suitable candidates usually drops by half.

  1. Test on the Knowledge of Citation Styles

This is an additional test our candidates have to pass to be hired. We want to make sure that our team consists of pro academic writers familiar with standard citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago, and Harvard.

  1. Essay Testing

This step is the most complicated for our applicants because it is aimed at evaluating their writing skills. To pass this test, an applicant has to demonstrate their ability to create a coherent, logically structured, and interesting short paper within limited time. Writers have only 30 minutes to write their short essay. While checking their work, we examine their vocabulary, knowledge of transitions, ability to create fully developed paragraphs that meet the standards of academic writing, etc. The selection criteria are strict, so merely 10% of the candidates pass this part of the test successfully.

  1. Documents Verification

During the last stage, we check the diplomas of the applicants who wish to become academic paper writers in our company. As little as 8% of candidates remain after our thorough check.

After that, each essay writer who passed all stages gets a mentor. The mentors closely monitor the first orders of the new writers. In case they notice that some writer lacks the skills, they are not hired. As you can see, we are very careful when hiring writers, so you can soothe your worries because your papers are in the hands of the best professionals.

Yet, not all of them make it to the top writers in our company! To be among the top essay writers, a writer must not only demonstrate remarkable skills but also receive positive feedback form our customers as well as have valid academic accreditations.

How Online Writers Access the Orders

The background and qualifications play the decisive role. We pay attention to the academic level of your order and choose the writers accordingly. For example, if you have just started studying economy, your paper can be written by a writer with a Bachelor’s degree in economy. However, if you are a PhD student, your paper will be assigned to a writer with PhD degree in your subject. Matching orders with writers with suitable credentials is crucial to the quality of the future paper, so do not hesitate to provide detailed requirements to your order and choose correct academic level to get the best result.

Fun Facts about our Writers

  • Our first writer started working with us around 10 years ago
  • 15% of writers have PhD
  • 12% of our employees have beards
  • 63% are female writers
  • 19% are left-handed

You are welcome to buy custom essays online and try our VIP services. Our VIP clients have an opportunity to get their paper written by one of the top 10 writers.

If you want to be sure that your order is in the most professional hands, choose our “top 10 writers” service and enjoy your free time!


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