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VIP Support: Exclusive Service for Special Customers

Thousands of customers using paper writing services choose VIP support hoping this will make the ordering process easier and more enjoyable. A customer support team, no matter how dedicated, cannot offer seamless services to each and every client. Moreover, not every company ventures to launch VIP support.

One reason why this happens is additional pressure caused by the presence of VIP clients. This makes the recruitment procedure in our company even stricter as we seek employees with the particular talent necessary to sustain the VIP support process. Specifically, we look for support agents with extensive experience in the field of customer relations as well as a passion for designing solutions. 

VIP Support

VIP Support VIP Support Ensures that your enquiries will be answered immediately by our Support Team. Extra attention is guaranteed.

Get VIP Support for $11.55

If you want to receive an individual approach not only to your paper but also to your personality, our VIP customer service is for you.

If you prefer receiving top customer service, you will enjoy our VIP support. Our most experienced agents from the customer care department will immediately answer your questions and will do their best to find a solution to any issue you might experience. 

We place a high priority on the questions and concerns of a VIP customer, which means we will respond to you without the slightest delay. In addition to being perfectly competent and knowledgeable, our support agents are also friendly and possess outstanding problem-solving skills. Therefore, our customers are surrounded by care and positivity. Finally, our customer support representatives are available 24/7, which makes the VIP services in our custom essay writing company even more convenient. 

While one of our best writers is creating a paper according to your individual requirements and preferences, our customer care team is on standby to answer your questions.


We call our customer support agents the WOW-team because:

  • WOW-teamOur customer support representatives are the wizards of problem solving and they will address all your concerns with great aplomb
  • WOW-teamThe members of our WOW-team are super friendly and communicative
  • WOW-teamThey are ready to hear you out and soothe your worries while your paper is still in progress
  • WOW-teamIn case some issues remained unresolved after you received your order, our customer care unit will ensure fair compensation for the inconvenience
  • WOW-teamOur Support agents work 24/7
  • WOW-teamYou get an answer from a support team agent immediately because they are always online and ready to help you
  • WOW-teamWe provide first-class services across all spheres of our work
  • WOW-teamVIP services guarantee that your order will be on top of the priority list

Try the extra features we offer at a reasonable price. Request our VIP support and become our VIP customer. 

With our VIP support, you will not have to wait a single minute to get a response from our customer care unit. Discover a new level of customer support with our special feature!

The Difference between VIP Support and the Usual Support Service


We choose any available writer to complete your project.

We answer only the urgent questions.

You can reach us on the regular phone line or Support chat on our website.

You can not contact your writer directly.

Ordinary clients do not receive special discounts and promo code notifications.

We do not send notifications to regular clients.

Top Editors are unavailable.

We scan your paper on plagiarism checkers but do not send you reports.


We assign your order to Top Writers or your preferred writer.

You can discuss any aspect of your paper both with your writer and Support Team anytime.

VIP clients can contact us via a special phone line.

You can interact with your writer directly.

You will be notified of special offers and will receive promo codes for VIP customers.

A VIP client can choose to receive notifications about the order progress. This includes the writing and editing progress updates.

VIP clients have access to Top Editors working with exceptionally complicated material.

You can get a plagiarism report confirming paper authenticity.

Contact our support time whenever you need assistance in placing your order or want to get advice. Try our VIP support now – we are waiting for your message or call!


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