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Guidance of Capstone Project Writing

Guidance of Capstone Project Writing


Scientific research is a study on a narrow topic with the involvement of several published scientific works. It implies an analysis of various standpoints on the subject of research contained in these scientific papers and, as a final result, the development of your own position on the problem.

Capstone project meaning differs from the essence of the rest of the scientific studies. The capstone project is research on a narrow topic with the involvement of not only scientific literature but also documentary sources, both published and unpublished. Research work involves the introduction into circulation of any new documents, facts, theories, proved by facts, etc.

When choosing a theme for your paper, it is necessary to start from its relevance and to take into account the availability of sources and literature. The wording of the topic should be specific. It is recommended to avoid those subjects that cover a wide period since within the framework of one work, it is unlikely to be sufficiently deep to cover all the available material. The topic should reflect the content of the project and be logically linked to the purpose of the study.


The capstone project consists of an outline, an introduction, a research text (divided into parts, chapters, paragraphs on request of the author), conclusions, a list of sources and literature, and applications.

In the introduction, the goal and tasks of the research should be formulated, the relevance of the theme chosen by the author is substantiated, the chronological framework of the study is determined, a brief overview of existing sources and literature on the given problem is given, and ascertained on the basis of which sources this study is written.

The text of the research should correspond to the stated topic and do not go beyond the chronological framework specified in the introduction. Do not cite well-known facts in your project. The abundance of known facts may obscure something new that you discovered during the study. It is necessary to focus the attention of the audience on the new, interesting facts. The text should be logically constructed.

The conclusions should follow from the goals and objectives of the research that you identified in the introduction. You must determine whether you have achieved the goal or not.

Lists of sources and literature should contain all sources and books used in alphabetical order, indicating the output data.

The applications should be selected attentively. They must illustrate the most important moments of the work. It is recommended to include copies of rare photographs, documents, various tables, graphs, and pictures in applications, but they should be linked to the text of the study. It is required to make references to applications in the research text.


  1. The research topic needs to be determined.
  2. It must be turned out how much this topic is provided by sources and literature, and which aspects of this topic have not been studied yet.
  3. The purpose and tasks of the research have to be formulated.
  4. At the next stage, the work plan of the research work is being prepared. When composing an outline, the researcher determines a range of questions that he or she must answer to achieve the goal. If desired, you can divide the work into chapters. The chapter can be divided into paragraphs (no more than 3-4). 
  5. You can use the following scheme for analyzing the sources:
  • the author, brief information about him;
  • the problem that the researcher poses in his study;
  • sources on the basis of which the research is written;
  • the main ideas and concepts put forward by the author;
  • conclusions made by the author;
  • your opinion about this research.
  1. Writing a rough worktext.
  2. Final formatting of the structure.
  3. Formulation of the topic, proceeding from the received research.
  4. Writing the final text of the capstone project.

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