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Problem Solving Essay Ideas

Problem Solving Essay Ideas

A List of Top 2022 Problem Solving Essay Ideas

The success of any essay depends on a selected topic. If you choose a topic that interests and inspires you, you will devote more time and effort to research. In contrast, a topic that does not interest you will not receive the same level of attention. As a result, the quality of research and writing will reduce. When searching for problem solving essay ideas, you may feel lost and puzzled. Indeed, finding a proper topic for your paper is always a challenge.

Problem Solving Essay Ideas

To help you out, we have developed a compilation of recent and urgent topics you may use for your problem essays. The list of 183 attention-grabbing ideas will help you choose the one that fits your interests and requirements. You may use our topic as it is or simply get inspired. You may select any idea, combine some of them, or choose only one aspect from an offered topic. You decide which strategy fits your needs the best in your search for appropriate problem solution essay topics.

What Is Problem Solving Essay Writing?

A problem solving essay is a specific type of paper that requires you to present a problem, discuss it, and find a solution. You are free to choose the focus of your paper; the only condition is to introduce the solution and elaborate on it. In other words, you need to explain what you will do to solve the problem.

Writing on problem solving essay topics might seem a challenge, and this is true. On the one hand, you need to ask a question that will introduce a problem. On the other hand, you need to describe a process (or an action) that will serve as a solution. To find the right balance might be really difficult.

Problem Solving Essay Topics List

Not all students know how to write a problem solving essay correctly. A basic rule is to start with a well-chosen topic. Problem and solution essay topics usually start with the “how” to reflect the problem and suggest that you will offer a solution. Check some of our best ideas for your essay grouped by subjects.

We have divided our topics into 9 categories for your convenience. Choose the section and select a topic you think fits your interests and academic needs. Do not consider our topics as something set and non-changeable. You may combine, split, and transform them until you get the necessary outcome. Check the categories below:

Below you may find 183 problem solving essay ideas in all the categories. 

Criminal Justice Problem Solution Topics

The field of criminal justice is extensive and full of various topics. You may have a variety of aspects and directions to cover, including all law specializations, ethical dilemmas, and political controversies. Your task is to find a fair solution to a problem relying on current laws or policies.

1. How to eliminate gun shooting in schools

2. How to prevent domestic violence

3. How to reduce the level of juvenile delinquency in the streets

4. How to prevent crime among adolescents and young adults

5. How to reduce the level of criminal recidivism

6. How to motivate adolescents to avoid joining gangs

7. How to reduce the level of robbery in socially disadvantaged areas

8. How to lower the level of murders in the country

9. How to stop police brutality

10. How to improve reporting police misconduct

11. How to reduce the instances of unfair imprisonment

12. How to ensure that innocent people do not get the death penalty 

13. How to prevent child abuse in families

14. How to eliminate bullying in schools

15. How to eliminate cyberbullying in social media and its consequences on children and adolescents

16. How to eliminate cases of illegal gun possession

17. How to stop driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

18. How to prevent cases of texting while driving

19. How to prevent human trafficking

20. How to solve the problem of overcrowded prisons

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Problem Solution Essay Topics on Politics

Unlike other spheres of human life, politics always concerns everyone and influences daily routine of each of us. It is hardly possible to find an activity in which politics is not involved. You must have noticed that politics touches the lives of people of different social and financial status and disregarding their professional background or level of education. Politics is everywhere, and we have to deal with it. Check some political problem solving essay ideas:

1. How to avoid cancel culture when expressing conservative views (you may use the examples of Timothy Gordon or Peter Vlaming) 

2. How to notice and eliminate genocide in contemporary America

3. How to increase the voting attendance during elections

4. How to distinguish between a right to free speech and verbal abuse

5. How to resolve the illegal immigration problem 

6. How to manage climate change issue at the national level

7. How to overcome the global geopolitical crisis

8. How to stop the emerging cyberthreats and other technology-related problems

9. How to draw the line between offensive and defensive cyberweapons

10. How to use the politics of deterrence effectively in the political arena

11. How to make education more affordable for all with the help of political influence

12. How to help people with disabilities be more socially involved

13. How to increase global health security

14. How to use political influence to stop COVID-19

15. How to make political influence reasonable in the questions of vaccination

16. How to make people get vaccinated against COVID-19 without mandates

17. How to reduce political corruption

18. How to address Russian aggression in the era of ongoing hybrid war

19. How to limit the sources of campaign financing for political candidates with the help of legislation

20. How to resolve the South China Sea conflict


Problem Solution Essay Ideas for Nursing and Health Care

With the global pandemic, healthcare issues have become a part of people’s everyday lives more than ever. The health of the entire humanity is at the top of concerns. There are many different problems people usually face when they start taking care of their health, and some of them you may discuss in your essay:

1. How to stop COVID-19 pandemic

2. How to encourage people to vaccinate their children at the appropriate age to avoid dangerous illnesses

3. How to promote inclusive education with the help of nursing education in schools

4. How to help mentally ill people avoid social stigma

5. How to spread the idea of a healthy lifestyle among adolescents in the era of fast food 

6. How to promote advanced medical care in developing countries

7. How to help chronically ill patients with constant pain

8. How to encourage people to seek primary care immediately when they experience health issues 

9. How to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease maintain a healthy lifestyle

10. How to convince people that everyone can afford healthy eating

11. How to ensure that mental health issues can be discussed freely

12. How to avoid nursing burnout in the era of pandemic

13. How to prevent the national obesity issue

14. How to educate people to make good food choices

15. How to react to the increased demand for home healthcare nurses in the period of COVID-19

16. How to help nurses shift from a traditional nurse-to-patient model to a more agile one in the times of COVID-19

17. How to successfully apply AI technologies to nursing education

18. How to promote staff well-being during the pandemic

19. How to cultivate resilience at the nursing workplace

20. How to avoid negative effects of global nursing shortage

21. How to avoid the negative effect of post-pandemic nursing shortage on patient care

22. How to meet an increased demand for nursing education

23. How to react to the increase of demand for online nursing learning during COVID-19

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Problem Solution Sports Topics

1. How to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on professional sports competitions and tournaments

2. How to help students balance sports and education during the quarantine

3. How to address the long-term impact of COVID-19 on sports without seeing the consequences clearly

4. How to avoid abuse in sports

5. How to get more media coverage for the females in sport

6. How to respond to COVID-19 restrictions at the professional and amateur levels in sports

7. How to overcome increased scrutiny for sports financing 

8. How to adapt to quarantine restrictions and adopt e-sports

9. How to cope with games being on-hold due to positive COVID-19 results in college basketball league

10. How to control unethical behavior among sport stars

11. How to promote team sports in the era of COVID-19

12. How to introduce team sports to people with disabilities in colleges

13. How to reduce the use of steroids in professional sports

14. How to prevent injuries 

15. How to manage conflicts between fans of different teams

16. How to reduce the fatality rate in professional sports

17. How to help professional athletes overcome a loss

18. How to make professional sports safer

19. How to help injured athletes sustain mental problems

20. How to motivate sportspeople to perform better

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Environmental Problem Solution Essay Topics

Environmental pollution concern everyone. When you have to create a problem solving essay on a burning question, you may consider writing about global warming. Yet, this problem is too general, and there are more specific ideas to use. Find a better idea to discuss in your environmental paper below.

1. How to unite the world to address global environmental problems

2. How to replace disposable items with reusable ones to minimize waste

3. How to reduce the use of plastic locally and globally

4. How to reduce the use of paper locally and globally

5. How to support recycling initiatives 

6. How to encourage people to sort and recycle waste

7. How to encourage people to use eco-friendly bicycles and/or public transport to reduce pollution

8. How to reduce the level of chemicals in the air

9. How to minimize the effects of globalization on the pollution of environment 

10. How to encourage companies to use the renewable energy more

11. How to promote family planning to fight overpopulation 

12. How to educate people on reducing food waste

13. How to motivate farmers to use sustainable agriculture practices

14. How to promote waste management in densely populated areas

15. How to address the issue of acidification of the oceans

16. How to reduce meat consumption to address pollution issues

17. How to solve water pollution issue using septic tanks or by containing spills

18. How to use education and smart growth to resolve the issue of urban sprawl

19. How to protect the environment by restricting urban sprawl

20. How to promote reforestation

Problem Solution Paper Topics on Education

COVID-19 has led to many issues in education. Check the top ideas for an essay that would cover the ways COVID-19 has worsened the existing education problems and raised the new ones.

1. How to minimize the negative effects of distance learning in primary schools

2. How to make school environment safe

3. How to teach nurses and other healthcare providers remotely

4. How to build the understanding that education is a continuous and long-term engagement

5. How to use the transformation of higher education that COVID-19 caused for the benefit of students

6. How to promote cyber security in the increasingly online education

7. How to protect rare professions from disappearing

8. How to build a better future of learning using the lessons of COVID-19

9. How to learn from the crisis in education

10. How to attract more talented teachers in rural schools

11. How to tie personal student success to the success of the educational establishment

12. How to separate learning from politics

13. How to motivate parents to take part in the educational process of their children

14. How to implement sexual education into the daily routine of students 

15. How to balance practice and theory in the learning process under COVID-19 restrictions 

16. How to reduce bullying in schools

17. How to motivate students to graduate from colleges and universities

18. How to promote teamwork in colleges and universities

19. How to address the problem of positive COVID-19 tests in teachers

20. How to resolve current educational crisis

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Social Problem Solution Paper

Social norms define human behavior in the contemporary communities. Recent changes in the world have significantly affected social norms. Check some up-to-date ideas to discuss in your social problem solving paper. 

1. How to motivate students not to drop out of schools

2. How to increase labor participation rate in the period of COVID-19

3. How to cope with the consequences of COVID-19 and vaccination mandates in the workplace

4. How to address the problems of poverty under a new COVID-19 challenge

5. How to reduce civil rights protests in the community

6. How to support the Americans who live in highly polluted areas

7. How to raise the level of literacy among Americans

8. How to motivate students to succeed academically

9. How to initiate a program of affordable housing and make it work

10. How to cope with the problem of homelessness

11. How to deal with terrorism in the USA and globally

12. How to deal with racism in the country

13. How to preserve industrial efficiency under COVID-19 conditions and remote work

14. How to combine homeschooling and remote work

15. How to overcome generational gaps in the workplace

16. How to reduce divorce rate after the lift of quarantine restrictions

17. How to control adolescents without violating their right to privacy

18. How to promote the importance of mental health in the society

19. How to help children of divorced parents

20. How to develop a framework of detecting and addressing social problems fast

Problem Solution Essay Topics about Technology

Technologies develop fast. Yet, they also create issues and challenges to overcome. Check some ideas on the issues concerning technology that you can describe and offer solution to in your paper.

1. How to ensure that artificial intelligence will benefit the global community

2. How to reduce the use of artificial intelligence by hackers

3. How to avoid major harm of siloed data

4. How to use siloed data for personal benefit

5. How to use enhanced search optimization strategies for online sales

6. How to use digital twin technology in business

7. How to automate routine tasks

8. How to apply technology to connect people

9. How to use technology in health provision

10. How to use technology in education

11. How to use technology in business in the times of COVID-19

12. How to optimize the environment for hybrid working

13. How to increase workplace automation

14. How to use the Internet of things in the workplace effectively

15. How to cover the shortage of qualified IT specialists

16. How to market products through connected TV

17. How to use experience-based technologies (e.g., virtual reality or augmented reality) to contact customers

18. How to resolve the challenges that the pandemic created in the field of technology

19. How to use the benefits that COVID-19 pandemic created in the field of technology

20. How to opt for omnichannel customer support in business

Funny Problem Solution Essay Topics

Sometimes, you may have a chance to write a funny problem solving essay. Use your creativity when working on such a paper. You may use one of the following topics.

1. How to deal with the lack of toilets in the vicinity

2. How to turn a stolen phone into an advantage

3. How to change the world in one day

4. How to hide from relatives if you have won a lottery

5. How to tell your sister that her cooking is ridiculously bad

6. How to pass an exam without studying

7. How to avoid punishment for skipping a class

8. How to use locks on a fridge to avoid night eating

9. How to raise self-esteem with the help of Photoshop

10. How to pretend that you are listening to a lecture without getting caught

11. How to sleep in classes and not get caught

12. How to find the balance between sleeping and partying when you are in college

13. How to convince a teacher not to give you a low grade

14. How to persuade someone that you know a subject if you have no clue about it

15. How to continue romantic relationships with social distancing requirement during the COVID-19 pandemic

16. How to avoid relatives who refuse to get COVID-19 vaccination

17. How to use technologies to avoid chores

18. How to use iPads during classes as an entertainment tool

19. How to ruin the world within 10 days without violence

20. How to know what your pets think about you

We have provided you with a list of 183 problem solving essay ideas. Feel free to choose any topic you consider appropriate for your paper and start writing. Most of the topics we have offered will help you make the world better place, while several ideas will help you make it a funnier place too thanks to laughter and good mood.

Problem Solving Assignment Help

We hope that the problem and solution essay ideas above will help you choose the topic that will end up being a winning essay. Select the idea you like and write a superior paper. Yet, if you are not sure how to write a problem essay even if the topic seems simple, you might want to use some help from an expert. Choose one of the problem solving essay ideas and contact us to place an order.

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