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IB Extended Essay Guidelines with Specific Topics and Samples

IB Extended Essay Guidelines with Specific Topics and Samples

IB Extended Essay Guidelines from Expert Writers

If you have trouble handling an extended essay on your own, the IB extended essay guidelines provided below will help you deal with the assignment. An extended essay IB is a kind of academic writing assignment that has a specific structure, which actually determines the paper’s overall success. Apart from coming up with interesting IB extended essay topics, it is essential to carefully plan the research, brainstorm ideas, formulate the main research question, and address the topic in detail. As it can be inferred from the very name, an extended essay is expected to belong, so keep in mind that you will have to explore the topic in detail and address it thoroughly and comprehensively. The best way to cope with the assignment successfully is to find some trustworthy IB extended essay examples. However, even if you plan to rely on examples taken from the Internet, be sure that the examples are credible and high-quality. With the help of a properly written extended essay sample, you will be able to understand the essay structure and organize your own paper in a proper way.

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Once you have started working on your IB extended essay, be sure to provide sections and subsections in order to ensure a logical flow of ideas and make the essay easier to comprehend. When an extended essay has many topics and subtopics, be sure that the target readers will find it easier to follow your direction of essay development.

The article presented here will no provide you with specific answers to how to write an extended essay and get an excellent mark. Still, after reading it, you will know more of what it takes to complete a writing homework assignment.

How to Write an Extended Essay IB

Many students do not have the faintest idea concerning how to write an extended essay IB. Still, before delving into the principles of actual writing, it is essential to find out what an extended essay is. So, if you search for some professionally written IB extended essay definitions, you can come across the following information: it is a kind of an academic writing task that is an inseparable part of the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB). Why is it an inseparable part of the IB Bachelor’s Programme? – Because otherwise, a student will not get the diploma without submitting the extended essay. The extended essay IB word count is approximately 4,000 words. The essay should be written on a more or less narrow topic that is expected to be thoroughly investigated. For an extended essay, a student can get a grade ranging from 0 to 36 points. The score is connected with the following range: A – perfect; B – good; C – satisfactory; D – mediocre performance; E – elementary level (insufficient one).

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So, as soon as you have understood what an extended essay is, you can now switch over to examining how to write the extended essay properly. A student approached the writing process of an extended essay in three ways:

  1. Provide an outline of the main paper sections. It is essential to start broadly and narrow down the paper by highlighting details briefly. More so, a student may want to summarize each paragraph concisely (even if it is one line).
  2. Extend the IB extended essay abstract of each body paragraph with a few bullet points or numbered lists. Namely, you may provide some supporting evidence, expert opinion, proof, argumentation, statistics, etc.
  3. Provide a spreadsheet outline. When working on it, you will have to compare paper sections in terms of their length and the text included. Normally, it is performed in an Excel document.

IB Extended Essay Format

It is crucial to be well versed in IB extended essay format if you want to achieve an excellent grade for your paper and also ensure that the extended essay is properly organized. It is crucial to be well versed in the formatting principles of an extended essay. Overall, an extended essay has a common format unless you have some specifications from your institutional affiliation. Check out the following:

  • Make sure the font is clear and legible. As such, prefer Arial or Times New Roman font style, 12 pt. font size, and black color.
  • Provide double spacing across the paper.
  • Include page numbers on each page of the essay (as a rule, the page numbers are placed in the top right-hand corner).
  • Do not provide the name of the educational establishment on the header of the title page.

One of the elements that are important for an extended essay is the title page. It makes the extended essay different from the rest of the paper types.


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What information should be included on the title page:

  • Indicate the full title of the essay;
  • Specify the central research problem;
  • Mention the course you are writing the extended essay.

When it comes to the word count limit, be sure that it is not recommended to write essays over 4,000 words.

IB Extended Essay Outline

To ease the writing process, it is advisable to design an IB extended essay outline, where you mention the core paper sections you plan to include.

Start with an IB extended essay title page. As a rule, the information provided on the cover page depends on the formatting and citation style assigned to you. So, be sure to check with the standards but always include your name and the title of the essay.

How to Compose an Extended Essay Introduction?

When working on an extended essay introduction, be sure to set the background for your research and provide ample explanation to the target readers. You need to clearly outline the main writing goals and also mention the broader scope of the study. Apart from that, you need to finish the introduction with a thesis statement, where you specifically mention the core paper argument and supporting evidence to it. The introduction actually sets the focus and direction of the paper, so be sure to provide the introductory paragraph in a logical and concise way. Concerning the strategy of writing the introduction, you may either write it at the very beginning of essay writing or choose to develop it at the end when the actual body paragraphs are provided.

When it comes to the body paragraphs, be sure that you write the section where you provide a detailed analysis of the research, then provide a close discussion of the main points and findings, and also assess and evaluate the obtained paper outcomes.

How to Write an Extended Essay Conclusion?

In the conclusion, do not provide any new information but reiterate the thesis and sum up the facts that you have discussed in the body of the essay. Therefore, please try to provide comprehensive answers to the questions within the body paragraphs. To make the conclusion successful, try to keep it clear and simple. Moreover, try to maintain it an informative paragraph. Since an extended essay is rather long, it would be advisable to briefly provide key points or findings from the paper once again. Still, do not confuse it with a simple retelling of the facts. This is not the same – try to provide the summary in other words and do not copy and paste information from the main body sections.

IB Extended Essay Examples

If you want to succeed in extended essay writing, it is recommended to search for some extended essay examples written by expert writers or successful researchers. When you browse our website, you will be able to come across a few examples that may assist you with writing. Particularly, they will provide you with some ideas on how to organize the paper and how to develop ideas. You can find examples in any subject, for instance, you can easily browse for IB history extended essay samples. If you require professional extended essay writing help, you can seek professional assistance on EssaysWorld.net. If you need some creative and original ideas with extended essay topics, feel free to browse through the following ones formulated by our company’s writers:

History Topics for Extended Essay Writing

  1. In what way are Mussolini’s and Hitler’s campaigns can be considered similar?
  2. Do you agree that the British Parliamentary Reforms Act (1832) can be claimed to greatly contribute to positive changes in history?
  3. Is it possible to justify the cases of bombing, for example as it happened in Dresden in 1945?
  4. Can one claim that Sweden held a completely neutral position during World War II?
  5. Did Mao manage to deal with the problems encountered by him?
  6. Do you view reforms issued by Alexander II (the Tsar of Russia) to be advantageous or disadvantageous?
  7. What are specific reasons why Israel managed to win the Six-Day War?
  8. Compare and contrast the ways women were treated in Great Britain in the 1920s and 1950s.
  9. What was the influence of the economic situation on the Soviet Union collapse?
  10. The economic position of Germany during the period of its unification (1834 – 1871).

Topics on Psychology for Extended Essay Writing

  1. Is there a clear connection between the rise of violence in society and the increasing popularity of violent TV shows and video games?
  2. What are the means of motivation professional athletes that a coach can employ?
  3. Investigate the role of hormones in changes of behavior and the occurrences of temper tantrums.
  4. What theories clearly explain altruism in humans?
  5. What is the proven effectiveness of medical treatment in bipolar disorders?
  6. What mindfulness techniques can help people cope with anxiety?
  7. How is empathy impacted by mirror neurons?
  8. The relation between cognitive development and such social factors as education, parenting, and poverty rates.
  9. Why do relationships have a specific cycle of life and almost always end?
  10. What are the short-term and long-term effects of continuous playing of violent video games?


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