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Sociology Literature Review: Get Effective Tips for Successful Writing

If you are majoring in Sociology, it is important to be well aware of how to write a sociology literature review on the given topic. Particularly, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the specific steps on how to organize your pre-writing and writing stage of a literature review.

  • First, make sure you have sufficient time to prepare the necessary literature for sociology literature review writing. In particular, find the necessary books, journals, and articles that are related to your topic and make sure you highlight the main information from them that can be further used in your review. As a rule, you can find these publications in peer- reviewed journals, books, articles, and even specific websites.
  • Second, gather information pertaining to your topic. As you read the chosen materials, make sure you make notes and jot down all-important information that may be used in your sociology literature review.
  • Third, as soon as you have collected information and organized the most important facts, make sure you combine the units of information logically and apply it to specific parts of your paper. The information you have gathered should help you properly discuss the topic and address it in detail.
  • After you have a complete picture in your mind of what your paper should look like, formulate the main working hypotheses. The hypotheses should be measurable and specific and meet such criteria as relation of the hypothesis to the topic (how it is connected or related to it) and what specific steps were taken to collect the necessary data.
  • Finally, come up with conclusions: take a look back at your paper and pinpoint to what you have discussed, what the main findings are, etc.

How to Start a Sociology Literature Review?

First of all, make sure you compose an outline. Even though any students consider it as a waste of time, it actually helps you to save time in the very process of writing and developing ideas and arguments in the paper. With a developed outline, you will be able to stay more focused on the very discussion, as you will have a backbone of your paper in front of your eyes. When working on an outline, you will develop a plan of what your paper will look like. Writing an outline is helpful when you are working on different types of papers. When it comes to a literature review outline, make sure that the structure differs depending on the type of review, namely whether it is historical or argumentative.

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When it comes to a historical review, you need to narrow down the topic and focus on the specific aspect that defines the very event under discussion. When you work on a historical literature review sociology, make sure to consider the following aspects:

  • Focus on a specific period and make sure you can provide justification as to why you have chosen to focus on a specific point.
  • If you have chosen a specific historical period or epoch, make sure you discuss what was decisive for your choice and why this particular epoch is worth consideration and attention (what lies behind its significance).
  • Further, come up with specific ideas that either support the topic or disprove it.

If you have selected an argumentative literature review, the argument you put forward should ether support or refute your main idea in the topic. Once you have developed a specific viewpoint or argument, you should consistently develop it and link all the ideas to the central claim.

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How to Write a Literature Review Sociology?

When working on a literature review in sociology, make sure you are aware of specific methods or strategies that will help you develop a high-quality paper. First of all, you need to provide a comprehensive literature review that is different from the already existent literature reviews on the same topic. Overall, if you need to provide a literature review APA, you need to follow a specific plan:

  • select the title carefully and attentively;
  • come up with relevant literature pertaining to the topic;
  • make sure you analyze the sources in depth;
  • provide a concise and comprehensive summary of the literature;
  • compose a review.

How and Where to Find Sources for a Successful Literature Review?

Students frequently worry about where they can find appropriate and legitimate sources for their literature review in sociology. Actually, you can use any sources as long as they are credible and updated. You can use the Internet sources, books, journal articles, newspapers, magazines, online databases and libraries, and many other media of information if you need to find some sources. When organizing the review, it is advisable to use ASA writing and formatting style. Before submitting the literature review, make sure you clarify how long the review should be. You need to adhere to the requirements of the stated paper length so that you write as much as it is necessary. The literature review should perfectly fit into the paper and not exceed the length of the main body. To ease you the task of literature review writing, you may browse some sociology literature review example online and have a look at how it is organized and how many words it takes up.

How to Conduct a Literature Review in an Effective Way?

Once you have selected the topic for your literature review, you need to research the relevant information and make sure it is clearly discussed within the paper. However, for many students, one of the most challenging aspects of literature review writing is to come up with an appealing and effective sociology topic. To ease you this task, we have composed a list of sociology literature review topics that will provide you some fresh ideas on writing. Check a few of them out:

  1. Abortion. Provide a comprehensive discussion of different viewpoints on abortion (pro-choice and pro-life). What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?
  2. Comparisons between different cultures. Choose any culture and compare it with the American one. Focus on different aspects and characteristics of culture and pinpoint to the similarities and differences are.
  3. Focus on the problem of child abuse and why it is so pressing in the modern society.
  4. Transgender, gay, bi, and lesbian, Focus on these non-conforming society groups. Explore the differences between them and discuss what difficulties they may encounter in the society.
  5. The issue of domestic abuse: investigate its reasons and outcomes. What may be the leading cause of this problem?
  6. Marriage and family. Discuss how the perception of marriage and family life has evolved during the last 10-20 years.
  7. Pressing social issues in the modern society. Highlight 3-5 social problems that are most urgent in the modern society and discuss them in detail.
  8. Social stance and the way it impacts the general education.
  9. How can social status be based on emotional perception? How can emotions shape social structures?
  10. Gender, culture, and race: How do these aspects influence the society?

What to Take into Consideration While Working on a Literature Review?

  • First of all, you need to know for sure how long should a literature review be. It will help you plan your time for preparation and this information will be also considered when collecting specific sources.
  • Second, to be attentive and concentrated on writing, make sure you get rid of all the possible distractors, such as mobile phones, friends, social networks, household chores, etc.
  • Therefore, if you cannot find a calm place to practice at home, think of gong to the library. Once you have selected a place for studying, make sure you decide how much time daily you are ready to spend on the assignment. It is a must that you work on it regularly and consistently.
  • Another great piece of advice is to get enough sleep and energy, so do not skip meals and get enough hydration.

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How to Be Effective in Literature Review Writing?

  1. Carefully read instructions and make sure you understand them. You need to be well aware what you are expected to write.
  2. Make sure you first check the recommended literature and then search for some additional sources if you need them.
  3. Do not refer to the articles by full title as you mention them in text. Just state, “The research found,” “According to the study,” etc. Full titles of the articles should be mentioned in the reference list.
  4. When mentioning the authors, refer to them by their last names.
  5. Make sure you clearly outline the main findings of the article. Pinpoint to the results and findings, state why they are significant.
  6. Do not provide any personal information in the literature review – sharing your personal experience is not applicable in this type of writing. Just write to the point. Moreover, personal stories will look subjective and biased.
  7. Make sure you understand the difference between a book report and a literature review. You do not need to merely summarize the sources but rather pinpoint to their significance.
  8. To provide a comprehensive and detailed discussion of the topic, make sure you review a sufficient number of sources.
  9. Always check your paper for plagiarism before submitting it. You need to make sure the findings do not repeat some other works and are properly cited.


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