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How To Make Your Creative Thinking Skills Better

Have you ever thought that creative thinking is a great demand nowadays? At work, at home, in college, and in school, literally everywhere, we should be able to stand out with ideas or solutions that are different from those of other people. I am not an artist, you’d say. But creative thinking is not about art only! It is required planning, solving daily routine issues in the office, getting your homework done, developing new packages for the products at the factory etc. Everyone has that creative sparkle inside; the main thing here is to find triggers to fire it up.

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Remember that creative thinking is a skill, but not an inborn talent, so it can be acquired, polished, and improved. This skill increases productivity, makes people stronger in their professional fields.

1 – Rituals to get inspiration

Try to make such rituals a daily exercise. Your brain will get used to this and be creatively fit. To get inspiration ideas you can listen to new music, read professional or relaxing materials, and meditate.

2 – Everyday creative activities

Try to create things every day. Devote at least 15 minutes to something creative. This can be anything: drawing, writing, developing ideas, searching the alternative ways for something. You‘ll finally get an awesome feeling of making something new.

3 – Discipline vs. devotion

There’re similarities between devotion and discipline. But devotion is much more pleasant. So yeah, stay devoted, and discipline will be there with you in the less painful way!

4 – Take a rest from time to time

You can get tired, so don’t force yourself to create something right now – take a breath. Go out, walk around the neighborhood, drink some coffee, browse the inspiration ideas on the web, try to concentrate on something that brings you pleasure, and your idea will find you!

5 – List and choose your ideas

It is possible that one time, you’ll be overwhelmed with a number of ideas. Don’t get confused and write down all of them not to miss each of them. Afterwards, you’ll be able to select your ideas and differentiate them, which one is better.

6 – What about questions?

To develop creativity, don’t forget to ask the right questions. And never leave your question without an answer.

7 – Socialize with colleagues and friends

Your time with people you like is one of the best creative ideas generators, so try to have fun with friends and new ideas will reach you.

8 – Find your right hours

Everyone has his/her peak hours, so determine when you are the most productive for ideas. 

9 – Network matters

Hang out with inspiring and creative people. Such communication will boost your creative mind, help find solutions, and develop creativity.

10 – Risk

Take your chances, and don’t be afraid to risk. You’re supposed to be out of the box, so do it.

11 – Not a talent

Creativity is not a talent, so forget about this word here. Learn, develop, improve, and you’ll be able to do everything.


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